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Farewell France!

Jean-Michel Blanquer, French Minister of Education

Kabylie is caught between the French government and Algerian colonialism.

In life, some paradoxes are inexplicable.
France, a country of human rights, revolutions, humanism, with people like Voltaire, Diderot, Colette, Georges Sand, Maupassant, Balzac and nowadays Simone Veil, etc., has certainly had its dark periods during the Second World War, its colonial period and the Algerian war. Moreover, the relationship between the two countries reflects the words of Serge Gainsbourg in one of his songs: I love you, me neither!

France has arabized the Amazighs since the time of Napoleon III. When he visited in 1865, he said:
I will be the emperor of all the Arabs.
However, at the time, only 10% of indigenous people spoke Arabic; an Arabic language mixed with French and Tamazight. In the process, Napoleon III began to install Arab offices in order to Arabize the Amazigh.
One hundred and six years later, at the liberation of Algeria, July 3rd, 1962, the country’s first president, Ahmed Ben Bella, exclaimed three times the same words as his colonizer:
– Algeria is Arab, Arab, Arab!
How can the country of Victor Hugo be so amnesic?
The second most spoken language in France is Kabyle, not Arabic.

Today, the Kabyles are islamized by Algeria and arabized by France!

Why does this complicity between the Algerian colonialism and the French government exist in order to remove the Amazigh people, the ancestor of the Kabyle?

Why does the French government seem to confuse North Africa with the Middle East?

This year, the French Ministry of National Education,  Jean Michel Blanquer, decided to give arabic education to Kabyle children whose parents and grandparents fled Algeria to escape arabization!

I do not believe in coincidences. It is an agreement between France and the Arab countries, countries where the woman is minor for life, where she must not drive, is required to wear the niqab in order to leave the house, not to mention harems and polygamy!

Who do they think they are fooling, the French, who continuously speaks loudly about human rights?

Do the Minister of French National Education understand that the children whom he today arabizes, will be those who islamizes his grandchildren tomorrow. The law of secularism from 1905 will soon appear only as a vague memory.

You just add the worm to the fruit …

As for us, the Kabyles, one day or another, we will demand a settlement. Then, the French authorities will have to explain to the international tribunals to have been accomplices of knowingly want to make a thousand-year-old people to disappear. This day will arrive sooner than you might assume.
The end of the oil is approaching; and at that moment, the French government will be facing history and will have to answer for their choices.

For the record, it was the Amazigh who defended you, the French, against the Romans. The Amazigh who built the route of the Pyrenees. Not to mention, St. Augustine, the Amazigh who built the Christian civilization, which you boast so much about!

Minister, I can not believe you ignore these facts. And if you do, you occupy a place that does not belong to you!

You will, with this decision, dig the first grave that shall bury your country where it was so good to live!

History will condemn you forever and the Kabyle people will remember this heinous act towards our Kabyle children.

Shamy Chemini

Minister of Culture and Kabyle Language MAK Anavad

4 octobre 2018

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