To the attention of international community, and to the international bodies , the United Nations, African Organization, European Union, and to international organizations for human rights protection.

Another call to international bodies to ask them to take their responsibilities in a process of cultural and identity genocide that is taking place in an Arab-Muslim state. The Kabyles are unaware that the Arab-Muslim world exists only through the will of these so-called human rights and peace organizations to destroy at least ten peoples in order to create an Arab people cemented by a religion called Islam. A way to eliminate these peoples from the race of development. To free themselves from the Western trap, they must explain the origin of the Arabs and who really propagated Islam, bring down this ideology which is their ball and chain at their ankles and which makes them proletarians of the faith.
We publish their appeal not because we agree with this form of struggle, but out of solidarity in their attempts to free themselves from the Algerian colonial yoke.

What is happening in Kabylia since decades is not a random fact, but it is a programmed process that is well planned. Its main objective is to disappear people of Kabylia from North Africa, or, at least, to undergo to Kabylia an ethnic cleansing to alienate its people.

After the fake independence in 1962, Kabylia was stormed with a bloody repression during Kabylia revolt in 1963; this was a second death blow to Kabylia, in so far as it emptied again our villages from its new born kids that have paid already a heavy toll during Algeria War.

From then, Kabylia has been colonized by Algeria which imposed a unique lifestyle that is fundamentally opposed to the values and wishes of hundred thousand Kabyles who gave their lives for the war of liberation. After that, Kabylia inherited form Algeria a prohibited language, a banned culture, a fake history, an imposed religion and a sluggish economy. In short, a willingness to commit an ethnic cleansing in Kabylia.

From 1963, 1965, 1975, 1980, 1985, to 1992, then followed by the “black decade”, later in 1998, and massacres committed in 2001, known as Black Spring, and the 20 years of the totalitarian reign of Boutaflika, Kabylia should have been decimated, mainly by the help of some corrupted Kabylians that sold their dignity and soul to a ruthless regime that imprisoned them after they gave their best service to Algeria to harm the unity of Kabylia. However, Kabylia resisted well against all maleficent and hateful plans that aim bringing Kabylia to tear, backwardness and servitude.

MAK-movement, led by Fehat Ferhat Mehenni, has emerged after an unsustainable black spring in 2001. It is a survival instinct, a bulwark against Kabylia fall. Also, it is a response to protect, and preserve Kabylia form disappearing by melting in a destructive Arabic-Islamic world.

From then, MAK, its leaders and militants became a privileged target of the Algerian regime that didn’t accept the demand of autonomy, and then of independence to be beard by its own kids that disavow Algeria. As a consequence, Algeria accentuated its brutality: Fear, hate, denial, humiliation, violence became its favored methods to break the will of wind of liberty and freedom.

The different Kabylia’s boycott of Algerian elections, the presidential, on December 12, 2019, and then the constitutional referendum on november 1st, 2020, is certainly a clear and mature message of rupture that has never been sent to the totalitarian algerian regime since 1962.

Since several months, Kabylia independent militants are rotting in Algeria’s jails; others are totally harassed and oppressed by a judiciary system that is unfair and instrumentalized to the taste of the political conjuncture. Lawyer who are defending them, in turn, are threatened to death, despite Algeria has ratified international pacts that violate these kinds of attitudes. However, it doesn’t hesitate to flout basic human’s rights and fundamental international laws.

Lounes Hamzi, Azaïm,Walid Nekkiche, Kamal Bensaadand, among many others, are the names of peaceful young militants which Algerian government has incarcerated since months under unfounded proofs and unfair trials, the sole and unique purpose of these cynical machinations is to spread fear, and terrorize Kabylia’s youth.

Some days ago, some protesters came to support militants that are being on trials for facts dated 2 years ago, while they showed their supports to Dr Kameleddine Fakhar, a mozabite miltant, who was assassinated by Algerian regime in jail. During the peaceful demonstration, protesters are stormed by a savage and ruthless repression from Algerian police. Violence didn’t spare anyone, women, girls, elderly people included.

That’s the same regime who is in its midst collapse, it doesn’t stop burning Kabylia land and wildlife so that it can break the momentum of independence and deep wishes of Kabylia people to break chains of Algerian colonialism.

It’s like isn’t enough, Algerian military regime, since decades, turns away water dams of Kabylia essentially towards Algiers, now attacking Kabylia subsoil, willing to announce an imminent exploitation of Tala Hamza mine, in Vgayet. It is rich in zinc, lead, and other minerals. Economically collapsed, Algerian regime is ready to sell out Kabylia subsoil, just only to ensure annuity for its protégés.

It is useless to recall the negative outcomes for the environment and the population health in a region that is highly populated. What they forget is land is Kabyle; it belongs to Kabylians to decide over it. It is out of equation that Tala Hamza belongs to Algeria, it’s like Hassi Messoud is a part of France. There are international laws and institutions that ensure the right to self-determination, and Kabyle people will use this right, and peacefully struggle until reaching his goal: Independence, and recovery of its confiscated sovereignty.

Kabylia will remain the bad conscience of Algeria as long as it didn’t acquire its own independence!

We are calling the UN, European Union, African Union; Human’s rights Watch, Human’s right League, and all international institutions to condemn the barbaric acts of Algeria in Kabylia, and none respect of international conventions and treaties that has ratified. It is behaving sneakily as a colonial power that could lead to genocide which Algerian regime won’t hesitate to resort to.

Long live Kabylia, Free and independent.

Aksel Ameziane
Spokesman of the Presidency of Anavad
January 31, 2021

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