Kabylia crisis: UNPO reiterates its call for an independent international investigation

In a recent post on its official Facebook page, the Organization of Unrepresented Nations and Peoples (UNPO) reiterated its call for an impartial international investigation into the multidimensional crisis facing Kabylia.

“The situation in Kabylia continues to be drastic,” said the international organization, created “to give voice to the unrepresented and marginalized peoples of the world and to protect their rights to self-determination.” For this body, officially founded in February 1991 at the Peace Palace in The Hague (The Netherlands), the crackdown on Kabyle activists, the 2021 summer forest fires that claimed the lives of some 250 people and discrimination in terms of response to COVID-19, which has resulted in hundreds of deaths, require the intervention of the international community for a fair and transparent investigation. “A comprehensive international investigation with independent actors is needed for the Kabylia crisis,” the UNPO said in its January 06 message.

As a reminder, in November 2021, the UNPO had already called for an investigation into the deadly fires in Kabylia last August and the detention of medical supplies by the Algerian government. “UNPO strongly condemns the Algerian government’s response to the recent incidents in Kabylia and calls for a full international investigation into the Algerian response to Covid-19 and forest fires in the region, and the decision of the Algerian government to designate MAK-Avanad as a terrorist organization. The Algerian military junta continues to show serious negligence in its commitment to human rights and support for civil society actors,” UNPO said in a statement issued on 08 November 2021.

Kabylie became a member of UNPO, which has a total of 44 members, in 2017. It is represented in this organization by MAK-Anavad.
Arezki Massi

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