This modest Kabyle website, written in English, is meant to be a link between the Kabyle people, with their neighbors, and the international community. It is my small contribution to the struggle for the independence of Kabylia and the rights of the state-deprived people of northern Africa.

The Kabyle people, a voiceless people, without state support from nowhere, without any financial or media means, and confronted with the most abject colonialism. Arab-Muslim colonialism, supported by international actors, is represented by the UN, an institution serving crime against humanity.

It is therefore, in all humility, that I am instructing through this site to break the universal law of silence. Some people familiar with world gastronomy are asking for the name of the site. I have named my website “Mergueze” after a Kabyle sausage which translates to “like a man”.

I have created this site in hope and belief that the Kabyle people will rise as one man to remove the chains which has hindered them since the dark day of June 17, 1857. A day remembered as the day when France adhered and annexed to a state that they claimed was to be an Arab and Muslim country.

The day the European nation began removing our identity, our

common soul and our democratic state of policy and mind. We aspire to live in a just and diverse world. A world without tyranny and a world which is not built by the strongest nations, but with the wish for a peaceful and justified world.