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Islam is taught to children: a religion of peace

Islam taught to children.

Muslim children’s books sold in France have no other purpose than to prepare them for jihad. Section

“The Path of the Little Muslim” (“La Voie du petit musulman”) is a collection of books for children who have ambitions to present “in an educational, complete and progressive basic knowledge of Islam that the child must acquire in the areas of faith, practice of Islam, morality and the life of the Prophet, ”says the back cover.
Two publishers have teamed up to publish this series to expand human knowledge (…) and, most importantly, serve and help promote Arab-Muslim culture. “Its ultimate goal is to participate in creating a true harmony between the different cultures of the world”, which guarantees “peaceful coexistence between peoples.”

When one reads these books, one begins to doubt that the words have the same meaning on both sides of the Mediterranean. The emphasis on Muhammad’s struggles to conquer the unbelievers does not fail to amaze. All these stories of fighting, fiercely illustrated, paint a picture of a conquering Islam.

One chapter is entitled “A Muslim is a Fighter.” We find that:

“Fighting is obligatory for every Muslim. A warrior works to defend God’s religion. If he falls as a martyr, he will get to Paradise. God commands us to prepare for battle and to be ready at all times. “

Young readers also learn that:

“Strength helps Muslims to serve God. God commanded Muslims to build a strong army that would protect them and intimidate the enemy. (…) The strength is also good for Muslims, to control the use of weapons;

The Prophet encourages us in the following story: “Build as much strength as you can. Remember that the force is in shooting ”.

Reading Volume 6 for teens is no more reassuring:

“God has guaranteed fighters for his cause that if they die they will come to Paradise, and a great reward and reward if they are still alive.”

The fighters must use all available means and seriously prepare for battle, even if their weapons are light. (…)

God says, “Be ready to fight against them, with all available forces (Qur’an 8/60).

“The Muslim warrior strives to fight and kill the enemy before he is killed. God says in the Qur’an: “… they kill and are killed” (Qur’an 9/111.) “.

Follows the story of Muhammad’s tribute to one of his faithful brave deaths in battle: “The Prophet went to his body and said,” He killed seven enemies before he was killed, he is mine and I am his, he is mine and I am his ” Then he took his body in his hands, ordered him to dig a grave, and placed it lovingly in it. “

In adulthood, the reader of these works can begin with “la Voie du musulman” (The Road to Muslim), by Aboubaker Eldjazaïri Jaber, namely the book 5 on social relations, which opens with a chapter on… jihad (“holy war”):

“The merit of jihad and martyrdom for the cause of God is expressed in clear terms in divine true messages and the authentic hadiths of the Prophet (SB with him) that jihad is the most meritorious acts of the believers. “

This book is on sale everywhere.


Abderahman ibn awf, may God be pleased with him, relates the following anecdote: While I was standing in the ranks of the battle of Badr, I looked to the right and to the left and I appreciated two very young people from Medina which I would have liked to have had the same strength. One of them gestures to me and says: Do you know Abu Jahl, sir? Yes, I replied: Why are you asking me about him young man? He continued: I have heard that he is insulting the prophet. I swear if I saw him, I wouldn’t leave him until one of us finished the other. I was very surprised by his words and here is when the other makes me sign and says the same thing to me. Suddenly, I saw Abu Jahl among the crowd and I said to them: Here is the man you are looking for. They then pounced on him and struck him to death with their swords. They then went to seek the prophet to share the news. Who killed him? asked the prophet. Each of them replied: I killed him! He asked them again: Have you wiped your swords? No they answered. Then the prophet looked at the two swords and said to them: You both killed him!

This book is on sale everywhere. 

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NB Islam, its history, is in fact only literature. The Tales of One Thousand and One Nights have more historical value than all of Islamic literature. Fables, but poisonous fables.

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