Algerian memory, a French affair

Algerian memory, a French affair
Memory can effectively reconcile peoples, provided that the peoples in question, as in the case of the German and French peoples, are true, adult, free and independent. In the case of the Algerian and French peoples, we are faced with two exclusively French memories. The first is written by French historians and the second is entrusted to Benjamin Stora.
France created Algeria. They gave it a history, a geography, an administration, institutions … now it’s time to give it a memory.

Arab-Islamic Algeria is a French myth that only French intellectuals master. The historical leaders of the Algerian war, with the exception of Ferhat Abbas who never believed in the Algerian nation, as well as the Algerian intellectuals were (and continue to be) instrumentalized and mobilized for the needs of the myth . Try to discuss with French intellectuals about Kabylia, the Berbers, antiquity, the Mediterranean, Saint Augustine, Apuleius. .. They reframe you right away and send you back to the myth. For them, the history of Algeria begins with their friend Emir Abdelkader and Jugurtha de Rimbaud. During the Azawad war, a French intellectual whose name I have forgotten said: “I am a great admirer of Tuareg culture (he was surely referring to mint tea), I am for the recognition of the Tuareg language, but I will not go so far as to give them a state.” – of course, a Tuareg state is considered contrary to the myth. This intellectual surely has Tuareg friends, loves the Tuaregs, but he is paid not to help his Tuareg friends, but to keep them in the myth.

The mythical, Arab-Islamic Algerian people are programmed against Kabylia and against all homogeneous entities that reject the myth. A myth that Kabylia contests and tries to destroy. Which risks, of course, destroying the entire political ecosystem of France in the region. So, to consolidate its strategic positions which it calls “regional balance”, France relaunches the myth through the memoir. The Algerian people, officially Arab-Islamic, do not write and do not archive. They ignore the history of the country that France gave them. And it’s not their habit to cultivate their memory. They only have that of war and religion: They waged their religious war, drove the Christians out of their land as their prophet told them, the rest is just literature. And that’s how the myth goes.

The memory commissioned from B. Stora is of interest only to the French state. A selective memory that it intends to use both to fight against the memory of real peoples such as the Kabyle people and other Berber entities whose real memories are being deliberately suppressed. Then for its internal needs: a memory intended for French suburbs, of “Maghrebian” origin, in order to reconcile them with the Republic and their mythical Arab-Islamic history.

NB: my remarks also concern Morocco, Tunisia, the “Maghreb”, Mali and all the former French colonies in Africa.
Romain Caesar

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    KABYLIE (SIWEL) – At the right time, with the approach of the legislative elections of 12/06/2021, a remake of the legislative elections of 2012, in short, as usual the scam and fraud, everyone l ‘will have understood and lived it, who better than a former minister of Bouteflika, in this case Tebboune appointed “president” by the military junta to perpetuate the tradition of the electoral masquerade, a simple formality to be completed to validate with international opinion a semblance of parliamentary life.
    The potiche, poor fellow dislocated by the pots he drags just as much as his son Khaled involved in a drug trafficking network and articulated puppet for the occasion, has set his sights on the French weekly “Le Point” to be give an international political dimension, a scope weighted down by his violations of international conventions on human rights, when his mentor Bouteflika did so with the newspaper Le Monde in 2012, with all the ethical consequences. The members of this daily rejected this initiative.
    Will Le Point magazine experience the same ethical and ethical turmoil? With a grain of salt, the magazine Le Point took care to appoint two Algerian journalists. Was it in the fifty / fifty contract with the junta to interview the vase or more fun if not Machiavellian and above all a way of appearing neutral by organizing this interview for Algerians, between Algerians, an Algerian-Algerian affair in short in these moments of simulated paranoia where everything that does not come from the Tagarins via El-Mouradia, the haunts of the Arab-Islamist military junta, is considered a plot?
    The cast of the interview itself is preposterous. Algerian journalists held in check interview an Algerian “president” in a weekly newspaper of the former French settler who is also in Algiers. Everything has been said about the joke that says a lot about the former settler’s stranglehold on his former colony. A pseudo-sovereignty held on a leash connected to the French umbilical cord.
    Reassured to be in the Algerian inter-self, the puppet Tebboune thought of herself on conquered ground and in confidence. Is it not that one of “his” journalists, Kamel Daoud, taking advantage of Kabyle’s hospitality and leniency, went beyond the framework of his conference at the Boudjima book fair in Kabylia, had the impertinence, the nerve and especially the indelicacy to take advantage of La3naya Kabyle which was granted to him to interfere in the political questions specific to Kabylia and allow himself to abuse them by calling, all shame drunk, the Kabyles to vote in the legislative ballot of a Tebboune certainly delighted with this allegiance? You might as well talk about a rope in a hanged man’s house.
    Did the Daoud case measure the effects of its prank and its impropriety when Kabylia said “Ulac L’vot Ulac” (no vote) and that it has already called for a boycott of this ballot through everything? the Kabyle country as it was with the previous presidential polls and the constitution !?
    With gunfire, the terrorist Tebboune let loose. He has embarked on statistical approximations in a country that knows none in all areas. Suspiciously, Tebboune balanced the figure of 10 million Algerians (sic) who would have voted for him out of more than 24 million voters, while the national electoral register is classified as a defense secret.
    The observers of the European Union Election Observation Mission, led by José Ignacio Salafranca, duly invited to observe the legislative elections of 2012, were rebuffed as filthy when they asked to consult this file at this day inaccessible to anyone. Moreover, no candidate for previous electoral masquerades has so far dared or demanded its consultation and how (!?) The important thing is in the monthly income and docility.
    This journalist, patented tout for the sale of his books in Kabyle country, the only territory under Arab-Islamist Algerian occupation with a high rate of French-speaking readers but which is starting to dwindle, frenzied Arabization doing so, has fallen back into his old ideological quirks close to the Islamist movement.
    He opened the highway of silence and even more, of ethics, to the puppet Tebboune, representative of the fascist Arab-Islamist ideology, castrating of individual freedoms, human rights and especially those of women. Rights that the Daoud case pretends to defend in his editorials and where he drags his gaiters, minus the gandoura, to deceive his world with speeches that want to be modernists and democrats when he himself associates his political image with the junta Arab-Islamist. The figurehead, he reveled in this ideological sharing.
    With this safety net, the puppet allowed itself all the false acrobatics which, far from misleading and deceiving readers and observers, rather aroused their contempt, their sarcasm and their disgust at such proximity.
    Didn’t this journalist betray the ideals of respect for human rights which, in the end, he grumbles without defending them, by collecting without plugging the words of an individual who, at the time when he was spouting his lies and his defamations against the Kabyles, had in his jails hundreds of innocent people, some in dungeons like Sofiane Babaci?
    If the Daoud case has let itself be sucked into the black hole of this Arab-Islamist junta whose fascist and racist Arab-Islamist ideology he shares against Kabylia and the Kabyles and which he sees at his door as a carrier of “democracy” so relieved of its capital violence, the magazine Le Point can it be the accomplice of the defamation brought against the MAK, therefore against Kabylia, which would have tried attacks with the car bomb as vomited the Tebboune potiche?
    Let us underline here that the specialists of the car bomb are the Hezbollah under the expertise of the Islamic Republic of Iran which transmitted this know-how to the various Islamic terrorist groups armed and infiltrated by the Algerian services, the proteges of the Arab junta. Algerian Islamist who spends no less than $ 100 million each year to proudly maintain these nebula terrorists.
    As a reminder, the French and US contingents of the multinational force deployed in the midst of the civil war in Beirut had to “taste” in October 1983 the know-how of Islamist terrorists. Exactly 241 GI’s and 58 French paratroopers killed in two simultaneous attacks without forgetting the hostages Michel Seurat, Marcel Carton, Marcel Fontaine etc …
    The crime, the lie as well as the Arab-Islamist terrorist rape are terms that stick to this “Algeria” they are multiple as are its crises which no longer need to be enumerated.
    Of the Algerian Arab-Islamist junta, its journalists, its “Zintellos”, its political mores and its crimes, everything is known and no longer surprises anyone, but what about the weekly Le Point which rubbed shoulders with this band of brigands and its rogue narco-state, will he be able to give a voice to the Kabyles whose image has been damaged by the rogue president to restore the truth?
    Kabylia cannot carry the terrorist image over several generations like Iran, Syria, Libya and “Algeria” etc … This terrorist “Algeria” that its own youth flees and that most Algerians enlightened deny.
    CLKI – Free Chroniclers of Independent Kabylia
    SIWEL 121626 JUL 21

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