Kabylia: Black summer 2021

This month is a tragic time for the rule of law and human rights in Kabylia. We were devastated by the deaths of more than 215 people trapped and suffocated in the forest fires in Kabylia and the murder of young Bensmail and this week the Hollywood-style kidnapping of Christian Slimane Bouhafs and Karima Nait Sid, president of the Amazigh World Congress .
We offer our deepest condolences to all the families and their colleagues who have lost their loved ones in its painful circumstances. Their death is a tragedy not only for their families and colleagues but for all those who want to see justice, stability and prosperity settle in Kabylia.
The Algerian authorities are ruthless murderers in cold blood for their work. Today we fear for the safety of all the Kabyles who oppose the Algerian regime. Everyone should denounce the abuses in Kabylia and elsewhere in Algeria.
Together with Amnesty International and other NGOs, we will monitor to see if a fully independent investigation into the forest fires in Kabylia, and bring them to justice.
In recent times, the violence in Kabylia has sharply increased, and the violation of human rights has also increased, with impunity they must stop so that Kabylia one day becomes a stable and prosperous country.
It will be our privilege to continue to work with all human rights defenders to strengthen the rule of law, not the state of man.
By Kabylia United UK.

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