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Algeria dethrones Lucifer in devilry

The Algerian state shines through its relentlessness in the consecration of manipulation which it elevates to the rank of science. In Algeria, now count, socially, economically and politically, only the fanatic godfathers of Arab-Islamism, lamentable managers and also, the army and the police who serve as an escort to its system to keep it out of reach, despite its demonic circuit dedicated to crime.

I repeat again, believing that democracy will one day live in an Arab state or that the idea of ​​respect for human dignity will briefly touch the minds of its leaders is equivalent for the scientist to think that a head transplant is possible.

They all set themselves up as guides in the name of God but work together as they are to the glory of the devil. The Algerian power, by its shenanigans, even amazes the devil who remains upset by so many Luciferian deeds that he never imagined seeing one day answer from a group of mortals. I repeat once again: if a confrontation of maneuvering procedures is organized between the Algerian power on the one hand, and Lucifer with his mores and his legions of demons on the other hand, the Algerian power will prevail by experience. Its surpasses the devil in evil. It is, with good reason, the dialectical expression of Evil.

The Algerian power burns Kabylia in retaliation for being rebellious, generous and rebellious; brings in a police car, honking repeatedly as in a party procession, a citizen in advance appointed to the most filthy sacrifice and activating its relays to kill him and then shout MAK *assassin! All of this was not told, but been seen.

The tragedy is that we hear Kabyles who force themselves to apologize. Thus, in the fire, the dark tomorrow of the Kabyle is frostily enunciated.
Djaffar Ben.
* movement for the self-determination of Kabylia


  • The Algerian government has initiated a genocide of the Kabyle people with all its lands (Fauna and Flora). It has chosen fire and the international community now has scientific proof.
    The Algerian power has chosen to sacrifice the life of an innocent young man, from outside Kabylie, to create a diversionary case. All the agents who carried out the murder are agents of the state. The international community has proof of this and is not fooled by the video montages of a mediocre and incompetent press.
    About 200 people were burned alive in a premeditated way and almost all the livestock, crops and a good fraction of the rural dwellings were destroyed by arson.
    M. Boutemeur

  • Boualem Sansal, writer and winner of several literary prizes, including the “Grand prix du roman de l’Académie française” and the “Friedenspreis des Deutschen Buchhandels

    About Kabylia

    “Kabylia is a very special region in this whole world. It is first of all a region that has remained the same throughout the centuries. It has kept its very rich identity and it is very powerful. In spite of the fact that today, the Kabyles live in the four corners of the world, they kept this Kabyle fiber. It is in them, it lives in them. They have this faculty that one does not find elsewhere, which was destroyed by the Arab culture. I speak to you all the more easily because I am not Kabyle. I am a Berber not Kabyle. They are very open to the world. The Kabyle has a natural tendency to go towards the other and he understands it very easily. He is courageous. Throughout the centuries, he has fought. Their history is a history of heroism. They opposed all those who came to conquer this country”.

  • The Algerian suicide
    France, Palestine, Israel, Morocco, Kabylia… the system takes its strength from the seed of mass religious indoctrination, from the preaching of an absolutism without any possible concession of its Truth, from the sprouts of racist, xenophobic and anti-Semitic germs that it sees to grow and reach irreversible maturity. It is its shield against any progressive thought, against any normalization that guarantees peace, against any desire to share its monopolies. In order to maintain a system that knows itself to be historically illegitimate, religion is the only possible illusion of the future, and hatred fed by lies is the only doctrine of conduct. System and people, a double suicide.

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