Algerian attempt to manipulate international opinion.

Algeria is preparing to besiege Kabylia.

Information from various sources confirms the rumor that has circulated in Algeria since Morocco decided to publicize the oppression suffered by Kabylia by the Algerian colonizer, the Algerian regime is organizing a large march to give the impression of being supported by Kabylia in the occupation of Kabylia.
This colonial regime at bay plans to requisition hundreds of buses, chartered outside Kabylia, to transport thousands of marchers to Tizi Ouzou, the majority of whom are recently released detainees (what luck for these thugs!).
The aim is to make international opinion believe that the Kabyle people support this occupation regime which continues to humiliate, oppress and imprison them.
A list of nearly 13,000 prisoners are released so that they can show their support for the Algerian Islamic-military junta on Friday July 23.



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