The Moroccan ambassador to the UN addressing the movement of non-aligned countries: Kabylia deserves more than any other country its right to independence.

The President of MAK and Anavad, Ferhat Mehenni, appreciates the Kingdom of Morocco for its recognition of the right of the Kabyle people to self-determination. He salutes a courageous and historic position in North Africa and for the entire African Union.
Thanks to Morocco, the NAMs (Non-Aligned Countries) have taken note of the legitimacy of Kabylia to decide sovereignly on its future.
This is a remarkable milestone in the peaceful Kabyle struggle on the road to independent Kabylia.
Aksel Ameziane,
Spokesman for the Anavad Presidency

The Moroccan ambassador to the UN addressing the movement of non-aligned countries: Kabylia deserves more than any other country its right to independence.
For his first international outing since his “return” to the government of Benabderahmane, announced on July 7, to take over the Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ramtane Lamamra has just suffered a real setback.
Indeed, speaking during the general debate of the meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement (MNA) of July 13 and 14, Mr. Lamamra chose to devote his first international intervention to the Sahara (Polisario) issue by evoking a “resumption of military conflict“, very quickly denounced by the Ambassador Permanent Representative of Morocco to the UN, Omar Hilale. He replied that this question, “which is the exclusive responsibility of the UN Security Council, was neither on the agenda of the meeting, nor in connection with its theme“.
In addition, Omar Hilale lamented that the Algerian minister is claiming the right to self-determination for a so-called “self-proclaimed chimeric republic (SADR) in the Algerian capital, in violation of international law“. He adds: “this ghostly republic is just a fictitious entity, created, financed, armed and maintained by Algeria, in order to implement its regional geopolitical agenda“. He also specified that it has no recognition “neither de facto nor de jure“, “neither by the UN Security Council, nor by the General Assembly, nor the MNA, nor the G77 + China, neither the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, nor the Arab League, nor the International Organization of La Francophonie, nor the Arab Maghreb Union ”.
To conclude, the Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of Marocco to the UN affirmed that the Algerian minister, who “stands as a fervent defender of the right to people self-determination, refuses this same right to the Kabyle people, one of the oldest peoples of Africa, which suffers the longest foreign occupation”, before adding that “self-determination is not a principle à la carte. This is why the valiant Kabyle people deserve, more than any other, to fully enjoy their right to self-determination”.

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    KABYLIE (SIWEL) – It was this historic phrase from Moroccan Ambassador to the United Nations Omar Hilale that prompted the madmen of Algiers to kick in the stretchers: “Self-determination is not a principle à la carte. This is why the valiant Kabyle people deserve, more than any other, to fully enjoy their right to self-determination “.

    By giving its support to the Kabyle independence project in a frank and unequivocal manner, Morocco has thrown a pavement into the nauseating pool of the Algerian regime. This regime which, until then counted behind closed doors its misdeeds against Kabylia is suddenly summoned to explain itself to the international community for its refusal to apply to the Kabyle people the right to self-determination that it claims at the same time militarily for 1976 years for the benefit of Western Sahara.

    In a panic, the army chief Chengriha and his cronies sounded the bugle. They recalled all their janissaries on duty and dressed new ones, even those believed to be too old to wear fatigues and display the regime’s spurious banner against their own brethren.

    The regime has chosen its henchmen wisely from all the grass of the Kabyle satellite parties FFS and RCD included in an attempt to reduce the impact of the sense of independence on the Kabyle street. It will soon trumpet on all its nauseating chains that the independence movement weighs more or less in the Kabyle chessboard while the Kabyle national conscience is pegged to the guts of every activist and free Kabyle citizen and its influence has not ceased to grow. expand to embrace the smallest village, the smallest remote hamlet of this country that no power in the world can ever subdue.

    Thus, sworn enemies and false brothers in ambush shamefully pound the pavement in cadence to the music written by the Algerian soldiers. If this is after all normal on the part of the traditional enemies, what about these Kabyles who exhibit themselves in an obscene belly dance for the benefit of an unspeakable regime? Would there be a few udders left to milk with the cow with the stuck flanks of the diet? Looking at all the jostling for breastfeeding, it looks like Tebboune’s promises have had an effect on professional weathervanes.
    That is to say if they go there, proud and gregarious, these new Algerians sheep and reformatted 59.0, messalist flag and poisonous feather in hand. Yes, proud to join forces against the MAK and the Kabyle separatists, easy victims and painkillers of the pack of racists in place. Proud to denounce this Moroccan support that has come to shake their cushy little life under the umbrella of the regime. So chase me away this MAK that I could not see and which comes to prevent my world from going round in circles they all cry in chorus while the pirate ship Algeria is taking water from all sides.
    Hearing this pack of old and new Janissaries, we wouldn’t have anything good to share with Morocco. This neighboring country would have come out of nowhere. We should only have to assert this hatred and contempt minutely distilled by the Algerian regime against this brother country since 1963.

    Let it be clear, Kabylia has no problem with Morocco or any other country in the world, Moroccans or the Moroccan monarchy. The Algerian military’s hateful business against Morocco has done more harm than good to the two countries and to all the peoples of the region since the false independence of Algeria. Moreover, hatred is never a good advisor; on the contrary, it rooted enmities, widening distances instead of bringing peoples, governments and nations together.
    So is it the hatred and enmity that the Algerian military wants to place between Algerians and Moroccans? No doubt yes, because they would not survive the peace and friendship. Are they not therefore capable of producing only contempt, threats and violence? Unfortunately, yes ! They have had all the time they need since 1962 to do the right thing. Only, as inveterate corrupt, besides being ill-intentioned, they are incapable of doing well. The Algerian military is doomed to evil like the mad dog is doomed to bite and infect everything it touches.

    Faced with this tide of contempt and hatred poured out by Algeria against Morocco and Kabylia, the measured, humanist and pacifist discourse of the MAK appears in the eyes of Morocco and many other nations as an opportunity for the peace and fraternity to be cultivated for the benefit of all of North Africa, and, beyond, the whole world exhausted by wars, diseases, famines and global warming. As true as great minds and good people meet, it is natural that Morocco and Kabylia come together to rebuild together a new North African whole in mutual respect, good governance and the observance of the rules. of international law.

    MAK has indeed pleaded since its creation for a world without violence that is more just, more human and more fraternal. It is in this capacity that he prefers to do violence to himself by choosing to rebuild Kabylia sustainably on the basis of international legality and fraternity between peoples than to impose himself by violence despite the worst misdeeds that the militants. Kabyle separatists suffer daily from the Algerian regime. This aspiration for peace is not only written in black and white, experienced daily by all Kabyle people, but also sung and celebrated by our artists, at their head the President of MAK and ANAVAD, Ferhat Mehenni.

    However, the Algerian regime does not hear it that way. While the peaceful Kabyles praise peace, the Algerian regime is preparing for war and setting in motion Operation Zero Kabyle. Since then, Kabylia has lost count of the number of Kabylian militants who languish in Algerian prisons. Yet none of them used any violence whatsoever that could have enabled Algerian colonial justice to justify their arrest. So is the Algerian regime: racist, violent, blind and devoid of the most elementary morals. The only wrong that the Algerian regime finds to reproach the embastellated Kabyles is their crime of Kabylity.

    Despite this climate of terror and injustice permanently imposed on Kabylia, the Kabyle independence claim is now bearing fruit because Morocco, ruled by intelligent people ready for dialogue, believes that the independence of Kabylia is a chance. for peace in this North Africa which does not need to overarm itself to live in peace. On the other hand, the Algerian soldiers who waste without counting in the armament instead of providing for the needs of their deprived populations which they dedicate only to cemeteries and to the prisons appear definitively for what they are: mad, dangerous madmen. and obtuse, ready to any extremity to retain their power and privileges.
    The shock wave of this open and assumed support of Morocco for the Kabyle cause has visibly succeeded in shaking the very foundations of this false confidence of the Algerian regime which thus appears in its true light in the eyes of a dumbfounded world which discovers a monster hidden in the heights of Algiers. In the game of international legality, the Algerian soldiers have already lost the war. They have no chance of achieving their unjust and unjustifiable goals.

    Politically, the Algerian regime cannot continue to suppress behind closed doors the Kabyle people and their militants. The veil of silence and opacity over its repressive and totalitarian practices has just fallen to shreds. The peaceful and legitimate Kabyle independence cause is now on the table of the United Nations. No one can ignore the suffering of this distinct Kabyle people of 10 million souls who cultivate peace and resilience in the face of weapons and the systemic and systematic racism of the Algerian regime.

    Militarily, Algerian generals are not omnipotent, even if in their crazy dreams they believe they are. Is it enough to exhibit Russian S3 and S4 to appear above other armies and international legality? How many totalitarian regimes have been swept aside by more powerful alliances or nations overwhelmed by their belligerent attitude without the Russian comrade coming to their aid?

    Rather, Chengriha and his acolytes should ponder the fate of the dictators of this world. Does it not pay more to show common sense in recognizing the right to self-determination of the Kabyle people than to continue to deny and repress it even when they are disarmed? What honor is there in shooting at a peaceful and defenseless people? What honor is there in embellishing peaceful militants who are strived to fabricate terrorist actions in spite of reason and common sense?

    Who remembers the tyrant Boumediene who waged war against his people? Who remembers the fiery and fiery behavior of Saddam and the genetic racism of Gaddafi. Who remembers Adolf Hitler and all the tyrants who trod the soil of this planet?

    In turn, the old and new Kabyles on duty must remember that it is unproductive to speak out against their own. The very people who are supposed to bury them the day the same regime they vilely support lobbies them in the head or slaughters them under false flag.,

    Either way, independent Kabylia will recognize its own and reward everyone according to their deeds.

    Moh @ Slimane
    SIWEL 212008 JUL 21

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