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CALL OF KABYLE WOMEN Tiɣri n Tlawin Tiqvayliyin
Faced with the arbitrary, the repression and the dictature of the Algerian power, we, kabyle women, guardians of the kabyle soul and identity, face these countless arrests, kidnappings, hostage-taking and imprisonment of our children, husbands, fathers, brothers and sisters. And this without any legal basis or respect for the most fundamental human rights.
Following the violations of “Laεnaya n tudrin d yexamen”, violations of the dignity of villages and homes, with repeated intrusions, without any warrant by the Algerian forces of repression, causing shock and turmoil within our powerless families!
As a result of violations of our most basic rights, namely freedoms of expression, assembly, and demonstration at home, on our territory, turning Kabylia into a prison.
We, kabyle women, cry out our anger at this discrimination and at the racism of this banana republic which calls for the murder of our children, the pillars of our families, for the sole fact that they are kabyles
We, kabyle women, are deeply concerned, worried, but also revolted in the face of the abuses of Algerian power which seeks to sow chaos and destruction at home, in Kabylia. We are in danger individually and collectively. More than ever, the very existence of Kabylia is threatened.
The hour is serious, we call for the mobilization and unification of all our forces to face this repression together and to protect our lives and our Tamurt (Country), Kabylia.
We call on kabyle women, women’s organizations and any other human rights organization to denounce the racist and authoritarian behavior of the Algerian regime and to join our action.
So, in solidarity with Kabylia, let’s organize a rally in the country, di Tmurt, as well as in the diaspora, on July 10, 2021 at 2 p.m. GMT, to say loud and clear to the Algerian power:
– Hands off our children, brothers, sisters, husbands and fathers
– Stop your aggressions against Kabylia.
– Immediately and unconditionally release all prisoners of conscience
To all kabyle women, we make this appeal:
– Let us be very numerous to stop the arbitrariness that is falling on Kabylia and to demand respect for our rights, all our rights.
– Support the families of detainees, deprived of their own, imprisoned without a legitimate reason
– Let us mobilize for the future of our children, so that they can flourish in peace and dignity!
Tudert i Tmurt n leqvayel

Women’s Collective of the Black Spring of Kabylia
kamira Nait Sid association of women of Kabylia
Taous Meziane areski, Kabyle citizen
Sonia Nait Yahia union of Kabyle women
Farida Sam association of women of Kabylia
Katia Alik Kabyle activist
Nadia Djema  red AZA
Massilia Mouhous association of women of Kabylia
Nora Amara association. AFK 13
Samia kachir association AFKC Champigny
Nadia atu3issa activist kabyle
 hadjira oubachir Kabyle artist
Nadia Hamoutene collective of women of Kabylia
Tenna Ait Ali Kabyle artist
Cylia lateb activist
Kahina Houamdi Kabyle activist
Yamina Amzal union of Kabyle women
Soraya Sough human rights activist
The 1st signatories of the declaration
Myriam Graba – Kabyle Women’s Union
Taous lise Rahmoune Kabyle activist
Malika Mehenni Kabyle activist
Djamila Alkama – Kabyle Women’s Union
Nadia Tiouidiouine – Union des Femmes Kabyles
Nadia Mellas – Kabyle Women’s Union
Fadhila Touileb – Kabyle Women’s Union
Camélia mekaoui – Union des Femmes Kabyles
Nadia assemɣun – Union des Femmes Kabyles
Ourida Tabet – Kabyle Women’s Union
Linda Ghezzou – Kabyle Women’s Union
Tilelli Belabbas,  activist
Dalila Ferroukh, Kabyle activist
Chafia si hadj mohand, Kabyle activist
Nadia Amɣar Rabiaa, Kabyle activist
 Rahima Rouabah MAK activist
Uli Rohde German artist
Faroudja Kaci, Kabyle activist
Saliha Améziane, militant activist
Dihia At Qasi, Kabyle activist
Ouardia Ait Ali 
Tassa At-Hamuda – Association Tafsut Montreal
Kahina Zidane union of Kabyle women
Belabbas Thilelli.
Amarni Thilelli.
Ben kadi Sara
wezna Cheikh Lounis democratic activist RCD, associative in several organizations and trade unionist.
Wissam Nasri Kabyle artist and activist for all just causes and democratic freedoms
Nassima TERKI 
Farida Louni activist of Mak,
Linda Ghezzou, aza rouge Nancy

Organizational support
World Amazigh Congress
Association Amitié Québec-Kabylie
Batwa Foundation
Jean Kayombya, African Indigenous Peoples Network
Organizational support
World Amazigh Congress
Association Amitié Québec-Kabylie
Batwa Foundation
Jean Kayombya, African Indigenous Peoples Network
To sign this declaration
You can send your first and last name to this email address:

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  • The French are beginning to realize that their puppets installed by them in power in Algeria will be the losers in a short time, so they work to divert the finality of a fall of the generals to replace them by those of the Hirak, produced precisely by their generals. The independent Kabyle, shhh, not a word about them.
    But all the same, for once the newspaper Le Monde, pro regime, made a small criticism, it deserves to be read.

    Some 10,000 arrests – including more than 6,300 in the last four months -, 300 prisoners of conscience, 700 trials, ten complaints for rape and torture during police custody … This is the balance sheet, necessarily provisional, established at this day by the Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights (LADDH) and the National Committee for the Liberation of Detainees (CNLD). His criticisms of the regime have even cost his post to a magistrate, struck off by his peers at the end of May. Repression is now the only response of the regime in place since 1962 to the peaceful citizen movement of Hirak, started on February 22, 2019 to demand neither more nor less than a rule of law.
    This repressive record is not enough for the Algerian power. He accompanies it with a conspiratorial discourse, considering the millions of marchers sometimes as useful idiots, sometimes as the auxiliaries of a vast plan of subversion of the country led by a triple Moroccan-Israeli-French alliance! With this objective in mind, two documentaries, produced by the communication and guidance service of the army and broadcast by state television, develop ad nauseam this rant, with a lot of images of Israeli raids on Gaza and “Analyzes” from in-house experts.
    The ruling power in Algeria has broadened the concept of “terrorism” to include the simple act of calling for regime change. Under this extension, any citizen calling for an end to the regime now risks having their name placed on a national terrorist list and being treated as such.

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