The Kabylian struggle against the Arab imperialism

The Kabylian people do not complain crying for persecution! They fight! Fight collectively and rationally, peaceful and cool. The persecution complex is typically Arabic-Islamic. We (the Kabylian) did not invent the term “kabylofobi” similar to “Islamophobia” or Kramikraze, or the joke to the great Satan. We do not prejudice the world. We do not find “a special Kabylian martyr”. Kabyls condemn the Algerian state for verifiable causes and visible facts. Kabylian culture, the Kabylian language, Kabylian philosophy are being fought in Algeria. The Kabylian identity is undesirable by the government and the people of Algeria. It is undesirable not only in general in Algeria, but also in Kabylia especially. So we still do the necessary remedial actions. It’s just a matter of strategy and resources.

We experiment with solutions. If one does not work, we find another, and another one, and another one, more demanding, more radical, even though we have to reclaim our collective and individual rights bit by bit, piece by piece. We are tireless, many, strong and determined. Every generation that comes is even more reckless, more determined, more engaged, more experienced. Young Massinissa, Jugurta, Kahina, Tiziri, Itij, Aghiles, Juba, Yanis, are today …. 13, 14, 15. Tomorrow they will be 20 years old. The day after tomorrow they will be thirty years old. Just their names are already a complete program, a red cloth for the Arab Muslims. They are doomed to fight only because of their names. And they have to win. Everywhere in Algeria, where they go, they will be rejected, “denied”, excluded because of their names. There are thousands, yes hundreds of thousands who have their Amazighness (Kabylian) engraved on their foreheads, on their papers, in their innermost part. They are convicted of not fooling themselves. They are sentenced to see the face of the abominable Arab-Islamic imperialism whose only mission in North Africa is to bury Amazighness, Arabize-Islamize the Imazighs (the Kabylian) as if it were an imperative mandatory business, a matter of life or death for the Arab-Islamic.

But we are here. We are thousands. We are millions. Now the fight will be hard, merciless, open and direct. Young Kabylian with these names are still deaf to appeals of keeping calm. We have all the time, all human resources and all determination. We will die for it and we will live for it. We, like others, we also have our honor. We also have our pride. We have our values. We also have our ideas. We also have dreams of freedom, dignity and independence. There are more and more kabylian who understand this, dare and engage ourselves. We are as motivated as anyone. We do not need any houris, no paradise. Soon, the day will come for the Algerian system (rulers and the people) to kneel to make the Kabylians stay alive in the Algerian Arab-Islamic barn, with added bonus of regional autonomy, formalization of the Kabylian language and official celebration of Kabylian culture. We want to put this unsightly monster in trouble. We will destroy its inclinations for culture nourishment and domination to nothing. We will win because we are in our right, on our land, honest, human, humanistic and peaceful.


  • This article was written by a Jewish Zionist, not a Jew at all. He is trying to divide the Algerians as he does for the Iraqis, for the independence of Kurdistan. Oh enemies of the nation, you know well, that although you have as support some traitors that I would not like to quote. They are well known to the Algerian people and to friends and enemies; I assure you that you are grinding water. For these Kabyle who draw their identity and their patriotism from their forefathers who fought French colonialism alongside their fellow countrymen from the East and West and South, will never accept the division of Algeria and their country. So I advise you to lower the pants, waiting for the arrival of soldiers thirsty to free their occupied land and their brothers oppressed by a terrorist state that uses Nazism as a pretext to commit what the great HITLER never realized, when he wanted to get rid of the vermin which has taken possession of the resources of all Germany. A word of warning, hi.

    • Ha no! The Arabs of Algeria did not fight against colonialism. They are the pure product of this colonialism that you pretend to vilify. All Arab countries are the product of European colonialism. Without the Europe that continues to support them the Arabs will return directly to their situation of stateless.
      You are very funny with your Zionism in all sauces

  • All those bozos calling you a (((Zionist))), are pan-3r*bists who are proud of their crimes against humanity and would love to flex their ayrab supremacy and imperialism against indigenous people of North Africa, Levant and Mesopotamia like how they did in the 7th century…
    Kudos to you bro.
    Never back down and keep pissing these Bedouin p***ies off…

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