Israel-Palestine for Dummies

Last night, an alien landed in my backyard and asked me without warning to explain the Israeli-Palestinian problem. Confident that this creature would not treat me of fascist, Islamophobic nor racist, I told him this:

The Caliph Omar Ibn El Khattab annexed Syria and Judea in 638. Jerusalem is regarded by Muslims as Muslim holy city based on a dream that would have made the prophet Mohammad. El Isra wa El Mi’radj is a nocturnal voyage of Muhammad from Mecca to “the farthest mosque”(masdjid el Aqsa). Mohammad would have made this journey on a winged horse with a woman head (Al Buraq). Then he would have made a “ascension”, a kind of space travel to reach Allah in the heavens.

An enigmatic aya of the Quran attests, it seems, the sanctity of Jerusalem to Muslims.

“Glory be to Him who made His servant travel by night, from the Sacred Mosque to the remote mosque of which we have blessed the surroundings, to make him see some of our signs. He is the All-Hearing, the All-Seeing “(Quran XVII, 1)

Not only there was no mosque in Jerusalem at the time of Muhammad, but the Koran does not even mention this city (rebuilt and renamed Aelia by Emperor Ælius Adrianus).

This trip in a dream called miracle is the only reason to make Jerusalem a Muslim holy city (Al Quds). The problem is that nobody saw this miracle. No witnesses saw Mohammad in Jerusalem. Not one Jew, not a single Christian in Jerusalem has seen Mohammad pass on his winged horse.

Knowing that the rationale of a miracle is to be observed by ordinary mortals, we can say that Muslims make stories simply to grab a Judeo-Christian town. Muhammad never set foot in Jerusalem. Has not he already betrayed that city by redirecting his prayers towards Mecca?

The current problem between Israel and the Palestinians is a 1,500 years old religious problem. This is an old dispute between Jews and Muslims. We live the fallout from the events of Yathrib, Khaibar and the conquest of the Jews territories by the Caliph Omar.

What happens in Israel-Palestine is similar to what happened in Andalusia. A Reconquista. What prevents an armed international coalition against Israel is the Iberian antecedent. There is no reason why Spanish Catholics can reclaim their territories and that Jews can not do it. Despite continued propaganda against Israel, good non-Muslim souls do not flock to Palestine to fight alongside the Muslims. Even the Caliph Omar are timid. Basically, all of humanity, including Muslims, believe that Jews have every right to establish a state on that land which the Bible speaks so much about.

Non Muslims express this by saying that “Israel has the right to defend itself”.

Muslims can not express their opinion because it goes against Quranic principles of Sharia and Sunnah.

Western media make believe that the West supports the Palestinians, but in reality it does nothing to help the Palestinians to establish their state or to prevent Israel from chasing rocket launcher into every street of Gaza.

Must say that the Palestinians, supported by all Muslims, are also trying to win back the territory in which is established the new state of Jews (not a hebrew state as some may call it).

Jews are there because they are Jews and Palestinians are there because they are Muslims. The first consider legitimate to live safely in a state created on the land of their ancestors and the latter consider equally legitimately to regain territory conquered by their ancestors and to create a Muslim state.

A state which house Jews and Palestinians is not feasible.

Palestinians, because they are largely Muslim, can not coexist with the Jews, except in a Muslim state where Jews would be dhimmis  governed by the pact of Omar.

Jews could live with Palestinians in Israel that would include Gaza and the West Bank to the extent that the Muslims remain eternally a minority. The country beeing a democratic state, Jews can not afford to have a majority of Muslims. Indeed, the country would soon become democratically an Islamic state.

Knowing that the Palestinians have demanded the return of all Palestinian refugees, one wonders if the fears of Israelis are unfounded.

Before the fall of the socialist bloc, the Palestinian (PFLP , PLO, DFLP) disguised their actions as progressive fighting, anti-imperialist and firmly placed on the left. This to have the support of the international left, liberation movements around the world and even hippies.

Since the late 1980s, the international left has openly allied with global Islamism. The Palestinians have no reason to “fool” the polite revolutionary. They can be discovered. Immediately Hamas is created and Fatah becomes a ghost organization. PLO, PFLP, DFLP disappear from circulation. It now plays on the table! bluffing becomes useless.

Hamas (Harakat Al Mouqawama Al Islamia) announces its colors already in its logo and then in its charter. This movement, like Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah, does not aim to free Palestinians or by the installation of a state, but to first take back to the Jews an Islamic land.

The major issue is that land that was “converted” to Islam and therefore belongs to the “Muslim world” (dar el Islam).

Jews and Christians in the area will then have a reprieve until the next pogrom. Then, all that does not swear by Allah and Mohammad are killed or banned. This is the custom in neighboring Muslim countries.

Jews may be used to, but the “falsifiers of the Bible” will bitterly regret the servile nattering they serve Hamas and other Hezbollah.’s

The “Palestinian cause” is therefore to take back to Jews all the land formerly annexed by the Muslim conquerors. If the death of Palestinian children can serve this heavenly cause, Hamas is delighted. Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad also. Maybe even Fatah and all Muslim rulers on Earth.

From Qatar, Hamas leaders shed tears of crocodiles, but their heart is joyful. Anyway, these martyrs will go to the paradise of Allah and their death means to Hamas the support of international opinion. In fact, Hamas only gets support from reporters with long teeth, looking for scoop, blood and tears.

Israelis do not care at all about international opinion. They know what their problem is. They do not hesitate to shoot. It is about their survival. According to them, if Hamas militants put women and children at risk, it is the fault of Hamas. Anyway, Palestinian youth are brainwashed and indoctrinated in the cradle and Hamas do not even need to force them to remain exposed.

The Israeli-Palestinian problem has no solution. For Israelis, it goes down to managed it. The people of Israel have accepted to be at war forever, to live in a heavily militarized country that spends huge sums for perpetual war effort. Israeli citizens are in trouble and they put up with it. It seems that the Jews are accustomed. A mess more or less, bah!

For Palestinians, no solution is acceptable if it does not comply with the wishes of the Qur’an and the winged horse. They must reign as masters in that territory as dictates their dogma. The Koran is not reformable, Palestinians find themselves in “shit”. They are condemned to fight against the Israelis. They can not negotiate a lasting peace nor accept a solution if it does not make all the territory an Islamic land, ruled by Muslims. Palestinians suffer greatly from this situation because everywhere else Muslims remained masters of the territories their ancestors conquered.

Muslims believe to win this war of attrition through the media. They are convinced that the shock images of bloodied children and women will do the job for them. Israelis are insensitive to public opinion and do not even care about the opinion of other states. Any weakness would be fatal. They knock at every skirmish.

Mediators, who claim to solve this problem in a civilized manner, know it all, but they pretend to try to do something. They organize ridiculous talks, deaf-speak and are signing agreements, roadmaps and rubbish alliances. At least they seem to put at work diplomacy and international law. They think the inhabitants of planet Earth are suckers. Believing that the Israeli-Palestinian problem anguish all mankind, many American presidents posed alongside a Palestinian leader embracing an Israeli leade.

It is like they exhibit two circus animals having achieved a feat.

Inhabitants of Planet Earth are laughing uproariously. Finally, the whole planet loses interest in the problem, even when the media make an uproar. The planet is so small that The word gets around, doesn’t it?


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  • In this world, everything ends up being known. We know what the Israelis defend and what the Arabs want, not to say the Muslims in general. The first want to exist where they intend to exist, the second want to eradicate the first. To support the second is immoral. Supporting the first is almost indecent because they are 500 times stronger and more resourceful. Nevertheless, I would like to be informed of the outcome of this conflict, if it resolves during my lifetime, of course

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