Kabyle values vs values of monotheism

The religion of our Kabyle ancestors is not that of the book of Allah. It is a thousand-year-old and traditional conduct of our ancestors from before Judaism to the present day. It is a set of human behaviors and values ​​that are innate and grow over time. Islam, Judaism, Christianity, socialism were enriched by Amazigh values. Look at the writings of Saint Augustine, Cyprian, Arius and Marx. Islam and the other religions of monotheism are less powerful than the universal Amazigh values. Are there any head cuts in our values? Are there prisons in our values? Is there a god or a saint who burns humans among our saints? Is there a man in our culture history who did not help his fellow man or an animal in danger? The tree, the animal, the insect are all considered and revered. The further we advance in their religions, the more we discover that they are far removed from humanism and nature

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