Kabylia between forest fires and the pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads in Kabylia, which records a flagrant lack of means to fight this deadly virus, the Algerian colonial power has decided to block all aid from the diaspora and donations from local donors for Kabylia. Worse, the Algerian criminal regime has launched another plan to camouflage its proven incompetence by starting forest fires across all territory of Kabylia.

They deprived our patients with COVID-19 of oxygen generators by blocking them by Algerian customs, then they decided to deprive all the Kabyle people of oxygen by burning Kabylia.

Hundreds of patients succumb to the devastating flames that ravage all of Kabylia, and in this chaos, COVID-19 is spreading in silence in the midst of a desperate population and on its own.

There is reason to fear the mass extermination of the population through a well-programmed genocide by the Algerian terrorist government against the unarmed Kabyle people.

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