The Algerian defense ministry has just gone a step too far by publishing a press release on its official website in which, without any proof, it accuses the MAK (Movement of the self-determination of the Kabyle people) of preparing terrorist attacks. Based on the alleged confession of a certain H. Noureddine who is said to be our activist, he asserts the improbable. In any case, he could not be an activist of the MAK.
We challenge the Algerian defense ministry to give the name of this alleged “MAK activist”, his date and place of birth so that the citizens of Kabylia can verify for themselves the seriousness of the accusation against us but also the enormity of this lie.
This gross lie does not deceive anyone, neither in Kabylia nor across the world. Fabricating indictments against pro-independence activists is a well-worn colonial specialty. France, in its time, had used and abused it after the peaceful demonstrations of May 8, 1945. The Algerian authorities have already tried, recently, the same stratagem with the Walid Nekkiche affair, without success.
Let us not forget the Cap Sigli affair (1978), and the incredible scenario constructed in the offices of the Algerian Military Agency to break the momentum of democracy and freedom which came from Kabylia and which risked awakening Algeria.
After the grandiose marches of April 20 in the three capitals of Kabylia, through which, Kabylia, like a single man, claimed its right to self-determination, the Islamic-military junta in panic, takes out the terrorism card that the MAK has always condemned with all its power, before everyone else.
The press release which has just been published aims to:
1) To scare and push the militants to go underground. But we will not give in to fear and repression.
2) After going underground, the government will organize attacks that it will attribute to the MAK in such a way as to set the world against it and accuse it of being a “terrorist” organization as it tried to do with its agents and its relays.
The MAK (Movement for the Self-Determination of Kabylia) and Anavad (Kabyle Provisional Government in Exile) are calling international opinion as witnesses. These Kabyle representatives have never had the shadow of a terrorist idea and we will not be forced to do so today. The MAK is essentially peaceful and no one can turn it away.
Any act of violence that will come to be committed in the days to come will be CLEARLY identified as the work of the Algerian military agency. We will never be associated with it, directly or indirectly.
We are a movement that is based on the right of peoples to self-determination and not on any recourse to violence on its part.
Just because the Minister of Defense is threatening us does not mean that we will go along with his plans. We will not take the bush and we will face by law and reason the ignominy to which the Algerian authorities would like to assign us. Kabylia will be independent regardless of the ferocity of the anti-Kabyle repression that will fall on us.
These threats do not scare us because we have nothing to be ashamed of and we want the whole world to know it!
These sordid and unfounded accusations seek only to give Operation “Zero Kabyle” adopted by Algeria at the end of August 2019 is the base of its legitimation to move towards genocide against the Kabyle people.
I call on all the independent press, the democratic political class, the interveners on social networks, to denounce this plot against innocent people, in the name of human conscience.
I call on all international bodies to intervene as quickly as possible before the irreparable is committed.
I assume, in front of the Kabyle people and the whole world, my pacifism and my condemnation without appeal for the use of violence.
I call on the UN Security Council to challenge the Algerian authorities on this genocidal plan, in accordance with the letter I sent them in September 2019.
We warn the Algerian regime against violence and its abuses.
The International Criminal Court is already seized to closely follow the evolution of the human rights situation in Kabylia.
Long live free and independent Kabylia
Down with the denial of the Kabyle people’s right to self-determination.

Exile, the 25/04/2021
Mr. Ferhat Mehenni, Chairman of MAK and Anavad

SIWEL 252345 AVR 21

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    At the end of the reign of dictator Bouteflika, a potential pétaudière, it was said that this country called “Algeria” had in fact one foot in the grave, today it is with both feet together. All that remains is to seal the tomb!
    The nose planted on the handlebars, his successor rushes straight ahead, around June 12 to impose “His” legislative elections, a banal formality as were the previous ones, but this time with serious consequences so much the populations of this country oppose it and while the Algerians think about how to feed themselves. Some live below the poverty line while others struggle to find a sachet of milk or a little semolina, which is too expensive for their modest purse.
    In this political and economic atmosphere where priorities are contradictory to one another, the deep gulf that already existed between the populations and the military junta has widened, exacerbated by the latter’s refusal to accede to the demands of the said Hirak, allowing resentment to develop expressed by the popular refusal to participate in the elections in a deleterious social and political environment to be cut with a knife.
    A pre-riot climate set in, ready to explode at the slightest spark, a situation which has prevailed after all since 2014 but which the junta has only now seized with since the worsening of the economic crisis which has become very acute, and the repressed Hirak to direct the anger of the Algerians, frustrated in their political and social demands, against Kabylia.
    Unable to curb the exponential development of Kabyle independence, the junta wants two birds with one stone to direct the social fireball on Kabylia, an easy outlet it believes.
    It is in this political ruse which is turned against it, that it initiated the operation zero Kabyles, that some saw the police / barbouzard and “gendarmesque” provocations, the repression, the military encirclement of the whole Kabylia, and of course the racist insults accompanied by accusations of collusion of the Kabyles, “the Zouaves, the children of França” with France, the Zionists, the Moroccan “Makhzen” etc … God damn it! This “Algeria” has many enemies.
    In this area of ​​terrorist, hateful, obscene and racist propaganda, this junta is inventing nothing. It does nothing but copy the methods of manipulation and psychological preparation in progress in the 1920s against the Jew accused of all evils, social and economic.
    The rest is known with the crimes against humanity committed against the Jews. The Kabyles, the Jews of today, must not forget the plight of the Kurds gassed by Saddam Hussein.
    The online Kabyle news site, Vava Innova, recorded on Friday fourteen anti-Kabyle or openly racist statements against the Kabyle country (*).
    The status of the individuals who vomited these insults, as surprising as it is, of party leaders, deputies, artists etc … characters naturally supposed to have at least respectful and grateful remarks towards the Kabyle people who freed them and who did not has never shed a single drop of blood from their Algerian compatriots, unlike their military junta, a band of thugs who murdered thousands of Kabyles and who deserves any consequent treatment, is not fortuitous.
    The military junta uses the media and political “notoriety” of these characters to better convey its hideous accusations to Algerians, particularly sensitive, when they emanate or are relayed in mosques and zaouias by imams very involved through fatwas in the social and societal management of a theocratic “Algeria” which does not hide its real status as a Salafist Islamic republic.
    Cette campagne raciste obéit à une stratégie mortifère éprouvée, ainsi que nous l’avons souligné plus haut, dans l’Allemagne pré-nazie de l’entre deux guerres des années 20.
    Dans cette série nauséabonde pour monter les Algériens contre les Kabyles, les dernières forfaitures monstrueuses, viennent de Tabou un « Kabyle », ancien secrétaire général du FFS, tombé dans l’islamisme mortifère, qui dans une haine de soi que seule la psychiatrie peut expliquer, amalgame le MAK, un mouvement Pacifique, au milieu d’une foule arabo-islamiste en délire, aux terroristes sanguinaires du GIA qui ont même frappé en France sous l’expertise criminelle de cette même DRS, services algériens, comme le reconnait et l’affirme en creux cet ancien député, qui a décapité en partie ce GIA après l’avoir créé et manipulé, honnie aussi par les Algériens qui en subissent ses crimes jusqu’à présent.
    Sans oublier Bensdira, un pseudo-transfuge des services algériens, toujours en activité, qui menace de gazer les Kabyles. En outre, avec une ruse niaise, il tente de diviser le peuple Kabyle en distinguant le bon Kabyle du mauvais qui serait le Kabyle indépendantiste, feignant d’ignorer que la Kabylie est MAK et que la majorité des Kabyles sont des indépendantistes convaincus.
    This Bensdira’s ignorance of Kabyle society, its values, its ethics and its La3naya made him commit this serious fault. Moreover, how can it be otherwise, he the Algerian as well as his congeners, to whom colonial “France” gave a name by creating this country called “Algeria” in 1839, who see in the Kabyle only the mercenary responsible for defending their “Algeria” hoax or the slave to culture, identity and language denied, summoned to be docile and hardworking.
    As a poor element of the services versed in Islamism, this sinister individual ignores that the diversity of political opinions, one of the civilizational wealth of the Kabyle people, far from being a weakness likely to undermine the unity of the Kabyle people, is a value and ancestral political ethics, which draws its strength from the unshakeable principles of Kabyle democracy that Kabylia shares with the civilized nations.
    In this climate of pre-civil war against Kabylia, fomented and maintained by the Arab-Islamic junta, tired of political dissent and philosophical and civilizational resistance to its archaic and primitive Arab-Islamist ideology, consolidated by internationalization and the diplomatic advances of Kabylia, this odious and miserable character, and his masters took the shadow for his prey.
    This trap of the civil war is currently turning against its designer, the junta which sees the Algerians rebelling against this army which wants to be popular and at the service of the people (sic) and its services, the DRS castigated by the marchers with Tabou this Friday .
    With the Islamists, is he fomenting an attack on the junta by the popular invasion of the Tagarins, the hideout of this army or of El Mouradia, the palace known as the presidency of the republic ??? An Algerian-Algerian question in which dignified Kabylia is far from interfering, even if the Kabylians who, moreover, deny their Kabylity and claim to be Algerians, are active or silent complicit in these acts contrary to Kabyle political ethics.
    Notwithstanding, some treachery visible in the compromise of these lost Kabyle and by the lack of condemnation of these racist vomits – do they underestimate the dimension of this chemical threat when they are quick to condemn what is happening elsewhere or do they persist in denial of reality, or do they see without wanting to see !? – moreover, no dominant and colonizing force, as history has witnessed, can undermine the resistance and the sacred union of the Kabyles when it comes to defending the Kabyle nation.
    Algerians must see that the military junta is losing this “Algeria”, a chimera which is now consumed, damaged by immorality and the absence of political ethics, without citing other areas if not the Kabyle question. which speeds up this process.
    Kabylia will be independent in all cases.
    CLKI – Free Chroniclers of Independent Kabylia

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