Algeria: Baathist Arabs in conclave to launch operation “Zero-Kabyles”:

Algeria: Baathist Arabs in conclave to launch operation “Zero-Kabyles”:

A two-part audio recording goes around the conclave . It traces a meeting that took place on August 20th, 2019 in western Algeria, according to activist Said Bensedira. This conclave was aimed to set up the anti-Kabyle project. It is under the protection of the Algerian police that the meeting was held.

This meeting, dubbed “the meeting of the conscience” saw the participation of a large number of baathist militants whom contesting the Amazighness of Algeria and attacks particularly the Kabyle population.

According to the recordings, the participants of the meeting poured their hatred towards the Kabyles, whom they insult of all the evils of the earth. They have also attacked the political parties that have a foothold in Kabylia, such as the FFS and the RCD, that they plan to fight by all means.

These arabe racists have agreed to build a front which they call “Zero Kabyle”, with the ambition to prevent what they call the rise of the Kabyles. Participants boasted strong relationships within institutions, including the military institution. Negationist theories of the military history of Algeria were widely discussed during the conclave. The participants, who are followers of Naima Salhi, Lakhdar Ben Koula and Athmane Saadi, rejected the Amazighness of North Africa and attacked all the symbols of the Kabyle’s struggle for identity. They did not hesitate to describe the historical figures of Kabylia as traitors who worked in the interests of France.

This meeting was held in a particular context where a war is declared against everything that represents Amazighness in general and Kabylia in particular.


  • atous les merd*ux de Kabyles qui se comportent comme des arabo-islamistes, maintenant vous avez le message de “vos” freres arabes.

  • From the operation twinned (Name of a military operation during the French colonization which aimed at completely eliminating the resistance of the Kabyle and favoring the Arabs )with the operation ZERO Kabyle, the idea of the cultural and ethnic purification of Kabylie is still relevant. The assassination attempt against the lawyer Kabyle Chelef, who is also executive of the RCD, would it be related to the operation “ZERO kKabyle”?The recordings put into circulation on Facebook following a meeting held in the west of Algeria, more exactly in Mostaganam, by actors of the neo-anti-Kabas come to light during the hirak, mention the will to build militias to bring down the political parties, the political movements and all the Kabyles associations or which come from Kabylie. Anti-Kabyle militias may be already formed and active, this is not to be ruled out!To closely follow the reactions of some agents of the secret services very active on social networks from abroad, like a certain Ben Seddira, involved in one way or another in the case, wanting to stand out at the last minute, he was stuck, until revealing his belonging and his connivance with the pharmacy of the services. The latter is also known as being close to the clan of Nezzar-Toufik.Already at the very beginning in a direct on his Facebook page, he admitted having dismantled a network of weapons in the 90s at the mosque of Belcourt in Algiers! Because the report he had to make at that time on behalf of the DRS, was recovered by one of the most current men of the secret service, who does not get along with him, the Sieur Ben Seddira did not not known how to hide his role and his belonging to this body, had unknowingly admitted that he had gone to the said mosque especially for a secret investigative mission!”This is already the confirmation of his membership in the secret services”Ben Seddira, later on during his very characteristic preaching of service processes, acknowledged having known and being in permanent contact since 2009 until 2013 with the anti-Kabylism theorist, a certain Mouhamed Louali, residing in England and then in Glascow, Scotland, where he died in 2017. So, between 2009 and 2013, Ben Seddira, always in contact with him, has never doubted the intellectual faculties of the Mostaganem guru! In all contradiction, the speaker argues that since 2013, it is an officer of the secret services, who deals with the page of Mouhamed Louali! “This is proof that all involved in this story are secret service officials”Again, Ben Seddira, has acknowledged that when it comes to him, Amir DZ or other activists on social networks, have often been fed documents by different factions of the services! And all these agents are Arabist and Islamist obedience, acting more often to mobilize the mass of people against Bouteflika and KDS. Could not it be that the street was mobilized by secret services to arrive at the operation of “ZERO Kabyle”?To read in the depths of what is currently being waged against Kabylia, we can conclude that the coup d’etatprepared by leaning on the street, was orchestrated in the laboratories of the services since Bouteflika’s disease and the arrival in power, the KDS ended in a set of measures in favor of Tamazight as its officialization in 2016. The Arab-Islamists believe that since the invalidity of Bouteflika, the Kabyles have usurped the power, so it should henceforth to drive them out, to imprison them, and to forbid all the symbols of Kabylia: “ZERO Kabyle” It is the new totalitarian regime which comes to succeed itself, it is its new version.

  • The Palestinian flag is neither a whim nor a whim of some degenerate fanatics for political reasons, think again, my friends, it is the legitimate and historical cause of the Phoenician-Arab-Turkish descendants who colonize the country. They assume their membership of the East, Islam, the Arab world without any complexities, and for them, Palestine remains the ideological and civilizational frontier that distinguishes them from the Christian, pagan and secular West. crusades. Unlike the numeric-Greco-Latin descendants who seek, who grope like blind people, who claim, in apologizing, an origin and an Amazigh culture without any ideological inking, which stand out from their Mediterraneanity, who do not want to belong either to the East nor to the West, that is to say they are nowhere, to the point of finding themselves isolated and alone, without any ally, because their hesitation to assume their paganism, their repressed Christianity and their supposed secularism , that no one takes them seriously, does not trust them, neither the Orientals nor the Westerners. Am winna n tfunast.
    Numidian-Greco-Latin, stop whining, we say, North Africa is not a Phoenician-Arab-Turkish land. It is Numidian, of Mediterranean civilization. It is an immense political stake, a merciless war that the Phoenicia-Arab-Turks are giving to Numidian-Greco-Latin via Palestine and Islam, a religion historically less legitimate than Mediterranean paganism and Christianity, in North Africa, on the lands of Massinissa the Sun adept, St. Augustine the Christian and Camus the secular humanist. Berber identity or Kabyle must be part of a large, well structured and well-armed. It must be taken out of Islamic space and time if we want to save it from death. Kabyle identity can flourish only alongside Southern Mediterranean identities, free and emancipatory. And Camus can be the bridge that will allow us to join the free world. The Phoenicia-Arab-Turks do not care about Algeria and North Africa, they live for their Islamic civilization. We only have to assume, on our side, like them, our choices, our belonging to the Western world and affirm our desire to build, without the Phoenico-Arab-Turks, our world, our great natural and vital together with the peoples who are like us.

    Roman Caesar.

  • Zero Kabyles operation, the underside of a state affair blessed by the Riyadh-Abu Dhabi axisThe meeting that took place at the end of August in the commune of Sidi Lakhdar, about fifty kilometers from the capital of Mostaganem, keeps revealing its secrets. Although the political class and the Algerian media took this event for a banal crowd of racist illuminated. Our investigation reveals a coordinated action with support high up in the hierarchy of the Algerian power. What the organizers have called “the awareness seminar” took place over at least three days between August 18 and 20, 2019. The town has made available meeting rooms, dormitories for accommodation. The gendarmerie provided security by sending a team and two cars to the scene. The matchmaker between the organizers and this armed body is none other than a retired gendarme, himself participating in this “colloquium”.Among the participants, one of them is distinguished by its atypical profile. Lakhdar Benkoula, a perfect francophone, naturalized French and living in the region of Besançons, in the east of France. He is the theorist of this operation. He worked as a French co-worker at the University of Aden in Yemen in 1999 and 2006. He is attached to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and intervenes in cultural cooperation programs with the Arab countries. He would also be an agent of the DGSE, the French foreign intelligence. He would have taken advantage of his stay in Yemen, a country that is characterized by many socio-political similarities with Algeria, to develop a strategy to sow the seeds of the civil war in Algeria. As a Syrian scenario is doomed to failure because of the military defeat of Algerian Islamists, Benkoula has sold another scenario based on ethnic clashes to Yemeni power to the axis Riyadh-Abu Dhabi.To realize this plan, Benkoula surrounded himself with political “godfathers” like Amar Saidani and Abdelaziz Belkhadem, close to the chief of staff Gaïd Salah. Amar Saidani would be the true conductor of the enthronement of the latter at the head of the system. For proof, all the people opposed to Amar Saidani during his time at the head of the FLN, are put in prison by Gaid Salah. Politically, this operation aims to stigmatize Kabylia, in anticipation of the next elections wanted by the system. Prepare the Algerian opinion for a massive defection of Kabylia and its possible violent repression during the rescue of the Algerian system by appointing a president of the republic, synonymous with stability found. And military “godfathers” among senior Algerian army officers who have access to all sensitive files. The first is General Othman Belmiloud, former head of military intelligence. A native of Tlemcen, he is anti-Kabyle primary. He would be the real “master of thought” of this operation with Mohamed Elouali, whose Facebook page he has taken to spread his propaganda. Having difficulties to recruit among the officers of the army, he fell back on the body of the national gendarmerie to train his troops. Taking advantage of the almost innate anti-Kabyle racism of this armed body, he expects the orders of Gaid Salah to provoke a bloodbath in Kabylie, in the case the elections planned soon would not happen according to the will of the latter. The operation “Zero Kabyle” reveals the true nature of the Algerian regime infiltrated to the marrow by the foreign powers of the two axes in conflict: Riyadh-Abu Dhabi and Doha-Ankara. If the information came from an activist close to the confraternity of the Muslim brothers, it is not for the sake of Kabylie or Kabyles, it is just a settlement of accounts between belligerents who no longer hide their allegiance to the one or the other monarchy of the Golf. For whom the ultimate goal is the extermination of Kabylia from the North African landscape and have a view of the Atlantic.

  • We can address the same accusation to separationist group that claims that Arabophones should leave Algeria. What a mess! We are all berbers and algerian either Arabophones or”Amazighophone”. Let’s us build our country.

  • Never has a Kabyle asked for the departure of the Algerians whom they designate by the term of Arabic speakers. So Amazigh who by long brainwashing, has forgotten their origin and believe to be descendants of the prophet. Inhabitants of this territory of North Africa But it is these Arabic speakers who were originally Amazighs who want to erase all traces of the existence of non-Arab people so that their “reality” of Arab beings does not fall before the truth. No, you are not people of peace or dignity, you are ready to murder all those who refuse to dilute their identity in that of Arabism and Islamism. You say that we must build your country, but for 60 years all your efforts consisted in Arabizing and Islamizing the Kabyle people

  • There will never have there “zero Kabyle” those stone-ages idiots. They can F themselves. Kabyle will be there forever with its proud sons and daughters.

  • It is useless to talk about the nature or illegitimacy of Algeria’s political power and the system in place. Everything is said and known today. Until then, analysis has often viewed the break-up of the ruling bloc, the mainstream ideology, the violent action as akin to a top-down settling of scores between clans; however, the new data show an increasingly demanding rise in protest in civil society and more notoriously with the Kabyle question. We see a recomposition of the dominant ideology at work that develops a culture of the most barbaric violence, akin to a policy of ethnic cleansing. Today, the regime is pushing the bar of its reorganization to cynicism. A return of Kabyle personalities expelled from the instances of power and sometimes imprisoned is ordered with missions to stifle the rise of the Kabyle question, of its self-determination.
    To understand the fabric of this violence, it would be necessary to retrace the social-historical base in which it originated in order to highlight a culture of violence developed both within society and by society linked to conditions. historical and anthropological (like the colonial phenomenon, the archaisms of traditional society) but it is above all the result of the political system put in place. Violence is not a spontaneous phenomenon or specific to the territory “Algeria”, it is also part of the networks of globalization. However, I will limit myself to defining it in the specific environment of the collective imagination of this territorial unit, of its identity because it has entered even into the representations relating to social evolution. It is necessary to highlight the articulation between social representations and collective memory and between social representations and identity and, therefore, to understand the behaviors and behaviors representative of this violence. To understand the question in all its magnitude, an in-depth study is necessary that cannot contain a simple contribution. However, raises the essential points.
    Within this system, the identity representation based on a falsified history and the national representation built on an ideologized construction and equally invented symbols, carry within them a devaluation of the form of expression of the peoples supposed to be under its protection, a devaluation of the cultural universe of the entity supposed to carry the “nation”. Global representation has led to the loss of historical, sociological, secular, cultural landmarks, etc. making this entity an entity without memory, projected in the negation of its being drowned in a history and a personality from a treacherous elsewhere who only sticks to it to enslave it through a system over which it has control. A system that only exists and works through submission to this elsewhere and which has no choice but to project its condition onto the governed.

    The attack on historical memory can be grasped as one if not the key to understanding the sinking of this territorial unit, generating a self-identification detached from the overall personality and therefore an absence of essential landmarks and a break in transmission. collective memory in its forms, in its ethics as a process which can constitute a link between past, present and future and allow a coherence and a development of creative thought. Memory thus appears as the privileged object in the historical field, as the source of the struggle for freedoms and as the foundation of identity. In this sense, the organically linked utopias that are Arabism and Islamism distilled in popular thought and the increased ideologization of life in society and in particular the cultural and educational system participate in a social representation of violence at all. the levels up to the vision of a god and a religion where curse and punishment take precedence over kindness, mercy, spirituality, over freedom of conscience; a vision where evil replaces good, the ugly replaces the beautiful, a vision where blind obedience leaves no room for love of neighbor, a monolithic vision refractory to any difference, a vision which excludes reflection and which substitutes the divine word to that of man.
    In this rejection of otherness and difference, violence draws the source of its “justification”. The individual no longer has rights, he only has duties. He does not exist by himself but he is drowned in a community. He can be chastised by his fellow man just as he can chastise another in the name of divine punishment. It is not his hand that will have struck but that of God. In this vision, man takes the place of God. An unreal image that promotes the phenomenon of collective paranoia. Hence the fear and hatred of everything that does not fully fit into the politico-ideological field and into the thought bubble that reflects the governance of the system in place. The Algerian political power has captured this vision of the control of society. It is in this diagram that we can situate the face to face Kabylia / political power and Kabylity / Arabity.
    In general, the actions of power have everywhere ignored the citizen’s opinion that he puts into a fait accompli, the sole objective being to preserve the privileges that perpetuate him as head of state. Diabolical actions have been taken from the outset to eliminate any threat that may arise from collective memory and therefore from ancient times that would challenge the dominant ideology. This is how any representation of Amaziɣity is fought and mainly Kabylity (Kabylia being the bastion of demands for ancestral identity and freedoms in general) from which the elite is excluded from the start of real participation. in the political management of the country, exiled or assassinated (the list of crimes committed is too long), a Kabylia which undergoes a forced Arabization destroying authenticity.
    In recent years, it is a scientifically established program for the erasure of Kabylity (Mostaghanem, 2019) that has been discussed, with military-police interventions in violation of human rights, international law itself, human rights, in violation of the village space, unrestrainedly undermining its model of life, social organization, its thousand-year-old customary law (the news reported all these facts). Kabylia is thrown into economic destitution, into political wandering (exile, harassment, imprisonment of the elites) and delivered to the vengeance of the majority of non-Amaziɣophones including their intellectual elites, who see in Kabyle the antithesis of the image given by the two pillars of the dominant ideology, Arabity / Islam, to which, in fact, they adhere to a large extent, if only by their silence; an inverted image of their personality, the school of hatred having plowed its furrows. We cannot say, in all conscience, that without this complicit silence the repression and the shipwreck would have had the same face.
    The behavior of power against the village organization is most diabolical injecting the virus of religious fanaticism undermining ancestral secularism, the spirit of solidarity (laεnaïa) and excessively exploiting the politico-religious current, suffocating the economy, maintaining shortages, shortages of all kinds in order to confine the demands to the strictly material level, encouraging new protagonists, isolating and disqualifying the elites. Moreover, the local opposition, the local executive often cut off from the realities of their populations, sometimes compromised, has obviously ceded the ground to the prefectural authorities and therefore to the agents of state power. The political and intellectual elite have chosen to flee from themes drawn from Western democracies far from the concerns of the populations (such as the summer school, conferences led by specialists from elsewhere …) so to speak, a flight into before, while the villagers feeling abandoned are condemned to invent forms of resistance for their basic needs, compromising the prestigious organization of the Village Republic. Such a situation gave birth to within the people a dissension between laity and religious, between the well-to-do clinging to the privileges ceded by power and the impoverished populations thus depriving them of the formation of a strong group of demands for their right to escape from the submission of the ideology of the system.
    Of this state violence but also in the face of the complicit silence of a majority of Algerians and their elites, in particular following what is referred to as the “black spring of 2001” which left 130 dead and hundreds of disabled people for life, including the great majority are adolescents or young people, a new idea will germinate in the Kabyle country and will win an important part if not the majority of the people: autonomy which will evolve towards self-determination. This volteface of Kabylia in its relationship to the State and to the whole “Algeria” will arouse unparalleled violence and hatred against it today: military-police encirclement, judicial harassment, stalking, imprisonment without proof or trial. , kidnapping, torture, rape, calls for ethnocide and genocide without any reaction from the high authorities of power or justice, which is more than anything the privileged instrument of repression. Worse, men of power insult, criminalize a whole people and call for this repression. The designation of terrorism is applied to rights and freedoms and up to free conscience.

    A presidential ordinance of 10/06/21 amending the penal code penalizes political action, freedom of opinion and expression (art 87 bis which says: “Is considered a terrorist act (…) any act aimed (…) national unity (…) by any action aimed at (…) undermining the integrity of the national territory or inciting to do so by any means whatsoever ”and defines as a terrorist organization“ any association, group or organization, whatever their form or name, the purpose or activities of which fall under the provisions of article 87 bis of this code ”.
    The dramaturgy of this phenomenon is that power has succeeded in draining entire populations in its wake, sacralizing the union of Algerians against the Kabyle enemy. And … where have these paths gone by intellectuals, academics, writers, politicians who sang about human rights, who hummed freedom but…. somewhere else ? What has become of these hypocritical ways which speak of Kabylia only to enslave it? Not a word about the 2001 genocide; not a word about the imprisonment of young men or women, of the political and intellectual elite, not a protest against the hate messages of political figures, against the violations of homes, in short, against serious violations of human rights. An attack on human dignity, the mother of all freedoms. (It is clear that these intellectual pseudonyms do not understand the spirit of the Village Republic because they are weaned from cultures from elsewhere).
    The divide between the autochthonous ancestrality through the Kabyle question and the entity “Algeria” acquired to the Arab-Islamic ideology, if it has existed since the beginning of the “Algeria adventure”, it has become so obvious that it is incurable. Because, what to think of those who claim the end of a political system while accepting or even defending the pillars of its ideology if not to stand still!
    Added to this is an international silence which calls into question the world order established under the aegis of the United Nations, which renders the very charter of the United Nations opaque. However, Kabylia, within the framework of the fidelity of international law, can manage to make it move. This is not a rambling. April 20, 2021 has just resuscitated and brought to light a thought that we are trying to bury under a magma of ideologies from elsewhere. A face of a break announced with a darkened past, a tragic story of a people dispossessed of its memory, its land, its soul. The children of bohemia, those of April 20, took to heart the hymn of the resurrection, of liberation, of the freedom to appropriate their own history because, they say, the one who writes history dominates the present. and the future.
    Raveh urahmun
    Paris on 07/10/2021


    To His Excellency, the Secretary General of the United Nations
    To the Honorable Members of the United Nations Security Council
    To the Director General of the World Health Organization
    Subject: Request for international sanitary protection of Kabylia
    Kabylia is facing a wave of COVID-19 of rare violence. Hospitals saturated and deprived of means have become dying places recording hundreds of deaths daily for several weeks.
    As a retaliatory measure against the filing with the UN General Secretariat on September 28, 2017, of the Memorandum for the right to self-determination of the Kabyle people, Algeria, a colonizing country, promotes the proliferation of the disease, it is not by chance that the Hirak marches are encouraged and favored in Kabylia and prohibited everywhere else in defiance of the most basic sanitary rules and only deploys repressive actions against peaceful political activists that it persists. to treat “terrorists” in defiance of international law.
    Operation “Zero Kabyle” in Algeria decided between August 18 and 20, 2019 by close collaborators of the current Algerian president, Abdelmadjid TEBBOUNE, is in the process of finding the means of extermination of the Kabyles by the pandemic.
    On the other hand, to hide its catastrophic management of this umpteenth health crisis, the Algerian regime is taking the opportunity to put forward the religious argument, in particular by distributing Korans through its bodies to healthcare workers.
    Even requests to supply our health facilities with oxygen are refused by the suppliers of the precious gas. It should be remembered that a year ago, it was thanks to the mobilization of civil society both in Kabylia and in the Diaspora, with the support of the Provisional Kabyle government in exile, despite the obstacles encountered in the field of part of the Algerian administration that Kabylia is organizing itself to self-confine. It should be remembered that the Aza-Rouge has had all the difficulties in the world in channeling aid to hospitals since the start of the pandemic. Some have received threats to denounce donors and return donations received.
    Faced with a dramatic situation and out of control, I address this plea to you urgently to put the Kabyle country under an international health bell.
    Please, Excellencies, receive my greetings with the hope that our appeal will receive a favorable response from your institutions.
    Exile, 07/28/2021
    Signed: Mr. Ferhat MEHENNI, President of Anavad

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