Algeria: Baathist Arabs in conclave to launch operation “Zero-Kabyles”:

Algeria: Baathist Arabs in conclave to launch operation “Zero-Kabyles”:

A two-part audio recording goes around the conclave . It traces a meeting that took place on August 20th, 2019 in western Algeria, according to activist Said Bensedira. This conclave was aimed to set up the anti-Kabyle project. It is under the protection of the Algerian police that the meeting was held.

This meeting, dubbed “the meeting of the conscience” saw the participation of a large number of baathist militants whom contesting the Amazighness of Algeria and attacks particularly the Kabyle population.

According to the recordings, the participants of the meeting poured their hatred towards the Kabyles, whom they insult of all the evils of the earth. They have also attacked the political parties that have a foothold in Kabylia, such as the FFS and the RCD, that they plan to fight by all means.

These arabe racists have agreed to build a front which they call “Zero Kabyle”, with the ambition to prevent what they call the rise of the Kabyles. Participants boasted strong relationships within institutions, including the military institution. Negationist theories of the military history of Algeria were widely discussed during the conclave. The participants, who are followers of Naima Salhi, Lakhdar Ben Koula and Athmane Saadi, rejected the Amazighness of North Africa and attacked all the symbols of the Kabyle’s struggle for identity. They did not hesitate to describe the historical figures of Kabylia as traitors who worked in the interests of France.

This meeting was held in a particular context where a war is declared against everything that represents Amazighness in general and Kabylia in particular.


  • atous les merd*ux de Kabyles qui se comportent comme des arabo-islamistes, maintenant vous avez le message de “vos” freres arabes.

  • From the operation twinned (Name of a military operation during the French colonization which aimed at completely eliminating the resistance of the Kabyle and favoring the Arabs )with the operation ZERO Kabyle, the idea of the cultural and ethnic purification of Kabylie is still relevant. The assassination attempt against the lawyer Kabyle Chelef, who is also executive of the RCD, would it be related to the operation “ZERO kKabyle”?The recordings put into circulation on Facebook following a meeting held in the west of Algeria, more exactly in Mostaganam, by actors of the neo-anti-Kabas come to light during the hirak, mention the will to build militias to bring down the political parties, the political movements and all the Kabyles associations or which come from Kabylie. Anti-Kabyle militias may be already formed and active, this is not to be ruled out!To closely follow the reactions of some agents of the secret services very active on social networks from abroad, like a certain Ben Seddira, involved in one way or another in the case, wanting to stand out at the last minute, he was stuck, until revealing his belonging and his connivance with the pharmacy of the services. The latter is also known as being close to the clan of Nezzar-Toufik.Already at the very beginning in a direct on his Facebook page, he admitted having dismantled a network of weapons in the 90s at the mosque of Belcourt in Algiers! Because the report he had to make at that time on behalf of the DRS, was recovered by one of the most current men of the secret service, who does not get along with him, the Sieur Ben Seddira did not not known how to hide his role and his belonging to this body, had unknowingly admitted that he had gone to the said mosque especially for a secret investigative mission!”This is already the confirmation of his membership in the secret services”Ben Seddira, later on during his very characteristic preaching of service processes, acknowledged having known and being in permanent contact since 2009 until 2013 with the anti-Kabylism theorist, a certain Mouhamed Louali, residing in England and then in Glascow, Scotland, where he died in 2017. So, between 2009 and 2013, Ben Seddira, always in contact with him, has never doubted the intellectual faculties of the Mostaganem guru! In all contradiction, the speaker argues that since 2013, it is an officer of the secret services, who deals with the page of Mouhamed Louali! “This is proof that all involved in this story are secret service officials”Again, Ben Seddira, has acknowledged that when it comes to him, Amir DZ or other activists on social networks, have often been fed documents by different factions of the services! And all these agents are Arabist and Islamist obedience, acting more often to mobilize the mass of people against Bouteflika and KDS. Could not it be that the street was mobilized by secret services to arrive at the operation of “ZERO Kabyle”?To read in the depths of what is currently being waged against Kabylia, we can conclude that the coup d’etatprepared by leaning on the street, was orchestrated in the laboratories of the services since Bouteflika’s disease and the arrival in power, the KDS ended in a set of measures in favor of Tamazight as its officialization in 2016. The Arab-Islamists believe that since the invalidity of Bouteflika, the Kabyles have usurped the power, so it should henceforth to drive them out, to imprison them, and to forbid all the symbols of Kabylia: “ZERO Kabyle” It is the new totalitarian regime which comes to succeed itself, it is its new version.

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