Algeria: Algerian National Assembly Elected, Naima Salhi, urges Army to “Exterminate Kabyle”

Naïma Salhi is only here to express as honestly as possible what every Algerian think about the Kabyle people. This is why the Kabyle people, as well as as the international community, must take these expressed statements with the utmost seriousness.

Naima Salhi, through a status posted on her official facebook page, called on the Algerian army to “intervene in order to exterminate the Kabylian people, who threaten the security of Algeria,” she said.
The MP’s call came after the reaction of JSK (kabylian football team) supporters, who had turned their backs on the Algerian national anthem in the final of the Algerian Cup and who had also called out the leaders of the country with degrading names and phrases.
Naima Salhi urged Deputy Defense Minister Ahmed Gaid Salah to “respond to and fight against these actions, which are dangerous and threatening to the country’s stability.” She also said: “the role of the army is fighting terrorism, is not it? ”

In her status, the deputy has also urged the Algerian authorities to take this threat seriously and to act to “eradicate this terrorism managed by the allies of Berber Zionism, to avoid falling into extremism and avoid massacres, as has been the case in Burma”.

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  • In the so-called “Arab-Islamic” space
    Jews, Kurds, Copts and Kabyle are obstacles to the realization of a racial, ethnic and fascist project, dear to the Lebanese Michel Aflaq “the Arab Nation” from the Atlantic to the Persian Golf (Arabian Golf according to the Baathists ) !
    For more than 70 years they have been trying to erase these obstacles, but without success. Nasser, Saddam, Kadhafi, El-Assed, Ben Bella, Boumediene, all are in hell!
    When the Kurdish people of Iraq had organized a self-determination referendum, it was all Arabs including Palestinians who opposed with violence. The Iraqi army and Hashd Ech-chaabi (Iraqi Shiite militia) invaded Kurdistan militarily, killing hundreds. No Arab had denounced this abject crime! Only Israel had come to the aid of the Kurdish people.

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