The vandals, protectors of Rome

Image of a mounted vandal knight bearing an Arian Christian symbol

One of the biggest and most harmful lies in the history written by the French (the Franks), in addition to that of the history of Islam and the creation of an Arab people, is that of the so-called barbaric vandal  who destroyed the Roman civilization, while simultaneously invading North Africa.
The vandals and the other Germanic tribes were not armed tribes breaking on Rome at the speed of the hatchet – far from it.
The alleged vandals and their allies were refugees, alike in misery to refugees we see today from Africa and Asia, whom Europe will somehow use to preserve the benefits of the empowered. These people are without weapons or luggage, unable to attack even the weakest armies.
These Germanic tribes were no bitter enemies of Rome. In fact the romans, they saw the possibility of saving the then-decadent Rome by using barbarians as gendarmes of the empire. They became so well integrated with the Roman empire that Rome made them the military elite of the empire. Contrary to what history says,It was in converting to Arianism that the vandals had invaded North Africa and restored or imposed this branch of Christianity on the Catholic populations of Berber.

It was from this lie that another so-called Arab invasion of North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula was later built. The reason remains to be found in the rubble of these stories.
These stories of vandal and then Arab invasions must be completely rewritten, that we may understand the evolution of humanity and be ready to prevent these mistakes that once cost us dearly in the past.


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  • What Nicolas Machiavelli said about the fall of the Roman Empire.
    If we look for the main source of the ruin of the Roman Empire, we will find it in the introduction to the custom of taking Goths in its pay: by that, in fact, we began to annoy the national troops, so that all the value they lost turned to the advantage of the barbarians

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