VIDEO-President of the Algerian Human Rights Council kicked out of Ali Yahia Abdennour’s funeral

This Monday, April 26th 2021, Bouzid Lazhari, the president of the Algerian Council for Human Rights (CNDH), was chased from the funeral of the late Ali Yahia Abdennour, who was buried in a cemetery in Ben Aknoun on the heights of Algiers.

The president of the CNDH, an organization attached to the Algerian presidency, went to the Ben Aknoun cemetery to pay respect to the remains of the lawyer, human rights, and democracy activist who died Sunday, April 25th.

At the scene, Bouzid Lazhari was attacked by dozens of people present at Ali Yahia Abdennour’s funeral. “You have plundered the country, band of thieves”, “get out, get out!” “,” Murderous power “, several people shouted to the face of the president of the CNDH. The latter was forced to leave the premises.

Professor in Constitutional Law, Bouzid Lazhari, was elected President of the CNDH in October 2019. In September of the same year, he was re-elected by the UN Human Rights Council (CDH) in Geneva as a member of the Council Advisory Committee for a three-year term.

It should be noted that the Algerian CNDH is an organization that denies any overstepping by the Algerian authorities in terms of human rights. They simply submit an annual report to the Algerian president, the content of which is never made public.

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  • “Algeria ”a name, a badly born country, created by colonial France. The independence acquired by courageous revolutionaries, mostly Kabyles, largely murdered, has given way to a gang of criminal thugs, cudgels in one hand and sword in the other. They took over the land and its wealth as if it had belonged to their mother.

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