The Algerian colony will once again adopt a new constitution

Algeria, a colonial state, wants to give itself a new constitution just to justify to international opinion a racist policy towards the Kabyle people who refuse to assimilate to an Arab and Muslim identity. Refusing to Arabize will be considered a racist act in the new constitution. Algerian constitutions are not even worth the ink they are written with. Each president changes the constitution according to his own needs. The only thing that is constant is Article 1 of the Constitution; that the identity of Algeria is Islamic and Arabic. Berbers who do not recognize Article 1 should move from the country.

But unfortunately for the Kabyles and all the Berbers, this nationless state has the favor of France, and thus also the UN. For them, it is not a question of letting a formerly colonized people escape the Arabization programmed by France.

Therefore, the attacks that France is now affected by are the direct result of this policy in favor of the Islamization and Arabization of the Kabyle people. Europe will bear this curse as long as the Kabyle people resist the assimilation of an Arab-Muslim identity. The Kabylians (10 million people) do not feel part of Algeria. The only thing that can lift the curse on Europe is that the Kabylians gain their independence, thus destroying the artificial Arab-Muslim world. The Kabyles are poor, unarmed, but very ideologically strong among all North African Berbers, from Libya to the Canary Islands. All these peoples see Kabylia as the beacon in their struggle against the forced Arabization they all experience. The important thing now is that the Kabyles gain their independence. Today, no Kabyle will vote!

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