The voice of a Kabyle woman, Mira Moknache

With courage and determination, Mira confronts the paramilitary services and the corrupt of the Algerian colonial power in the field on a daily basis. She was the victim of several arrests and ill-treatment by the Arab-Muslim repression services.

Neither your jails nor your threats by intermediaries sent will be right in the face of my faith!
Advance in total darkness while believing so strongly in a light at the end of the road, such is my faith, believing in this justice, in this truth where the meaning of good and evil have been forged by the history of men and women. Women of honor who have advanced humanity, those whose names are engraved in universal history, those who have marked out the path of freedoms, men, women and peoples, dignity, knowledge and cultures, altruism and socialism.
In the history of the world, at every time there have been honorable men and women who defied the repressive authority, who knew how to rise above the tsunami which swept away everything in its path, to see beyond- beyond and believe in a better world. Throughout history, there have been brave men who have faced the Leviathan, in spite of all his might, from time to time one man emerges who stands up to show others the way. It is the voices of these men and women of honor who have become the precepts of humanity.
These are the voices that animate me. I believe in those who believe that it is possible to fight and to be able to change the course of things, like a religion, their voices are however human, I believe in the voice of man who fights against stronger than him, who fights for dignity and freedom, I see this path that the brave have mapped out and believed that tomorrow there will be other brave people who will be able to maintain it and advance it.
Men and women have written rivers and torrents of words, ideas and lights to move the world forward, men and women have given their lives to champion a cause and move the world forward.
Today, we exist and each one chooses his path. There are those who take a stand alongside the Leviathan, those who walk against the tide of history, those who follow dictators, those who think about personal enjoyment and special interests, those who build fortresses of armor and hide behind mercenaries. On the other side, there are those who believe in the light despite all the repressions, those who have faith in what all the men and women of honor, who have passed through the history of mankind, have believed.
Today I am here, I see this path traced by Mouloud Mammeri, by Che Guevara, Matoub Lounes, Simone de Beauvoir, Socrate, Karl Marx and many others, they are there everywhere, the guardians of the principles and values ​​of humanity, so numerous, they inhabit the hearts of so many men and women, they have forged for us an armor fashioned by faith, that nothing can pierce it. If you have protected yourself with weapons, we are fortified by universal values ​​and principles.
And you forgot that I come from a revolutionary family, my grandfather tortured, beheaded and thrown into a well, my father an official of the NLA who made the maquis of Soummam, who braved hunger, bullets which passed through his body, tuberculosis, helicopters and napalm, rivers to camouflage himself in the middle of winter, that he was so cruel and terrible in the face of his enemy. You don’t know that I inherited their memories, their deep strength in the face of Leviathan, you don’t know that my grandfather’s warm blood that flowed from his throat, flowed straight through my veins.
Across time and space, there are different fights that men and women of honor have led, but the Leviathan is always bloodthirsty, using the force of arms, mercenaries and rather vile people who follow him, so assassinate, imprison, threaten,… It will never stop those who have faith in humanity, history will judge each of us!

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