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The Kabyle people demonstrate for the right to read books

The greatest crime against humanity is undoubtedly committed by France, England, the Netherlands and all the other European countries that favored Islam and Arabized the defeated peoples. This crime was committed in the last century. Today, they complete their crime by sanctifying the colonial boundaries of which they themselves have drawn the outlines, and by giving power to the Arabized.

Thus the crime continues at a distance, allowing them to dress in the humanist cloak for a lower price. They promote a multicultural world, but provided that this world is Arab and Muslim. The Kabyle people are one of the victims of this crime. Judge all the ugliness, the horror of the crime.

While the Algerians demonstrate for more religion in their daily lives, for a sack of semolina for their stomachs, for a Palestine to relieve their hatred of the world, the Kabyle people in turn organize demonstrations for the right to read books, for individual freedom, freedoms and equality between women and men. And guess what people the alleged civilized West is protecting and arming?

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