Muslims live their religion as an identity, a culture

Whenever a bloody event hits France for the most part we can be sure that a Muslim is taking the lead. Then the chorale of indignant voices rises to say “never again” in Nice, “you will not have my hatred” for the massacre of Bataclan, “I am Charlie” for the carnage of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. In the latter case, a teacher, Samuel Paty, was cut off, “I am a teacher”. Whenever a person does or says something which does not flatter Islam, displeases the Muslim, the Muslim tricks it in such a way as to set a memorable example. The world does not know what can irritate a Muslim who demands a law that legitimizes his right to punish blasphemer. With each event comes the nagging question as a leitmotif among well-meaning people: Why are they fleeing their country with their miseries and their fascism to impose it on us who do our humanitarian duty by welcoming them with open arms? They don’t know anything about Muslims, the poor.
Muslims live their religion as an identity, a culture. No Muslim individual or Muslim group, or Muslim state, can do anything without Islam expressing itself directly or implicitly. Islam is not part of the Muslim personality but is his whole personality. Mohammed is not a model for Muslims. Every Muslim is Mohammed.

Islam is not an ideology that one adheres to or is forced to adhere to. It is an identity that is acquired gradually over the course of life. Leaving Islam means suicide for the Muslim, because every Muslim is Islam, is Muhammad, is the Koran, is the Sunnah, is sharia… Many Muslims circumvent restrictions caused by identity, but they do not transform and do not definitively get rid of all that is burdensome in Islam (ie 99% of this doctrinal identity). In a Muslim, the universal human being does not exist as perceived by philosophers, scientists and the good thinkers. The Islamic human form contains only Islam. Nothing else. A Muslim does not criticize Islam or Muhammad, or the Koran or the Sunnah because it means self-criticism.

One who limps does not criticize his wobbly walk. He lives with it and does not accept that anyone has curious eyes. In some countries, they provide affordable adaptations to Muslims as they provide adaptations to the mentally retarded for humanitarian reasons. Only those who are accused of Islamophobia and racism against Muslims consider Muslims equal, as people who should make an effort to get rid of Islam, with the belief that they are Islamic followers of their own will, in a rational thinking process. But unfortunately, they are wrong. To claim that the Muslim is linked to Islam is a mistake. It is Islam that is “attached” to this human being, penetrating it, abducting it, depriving it of its humanity, wrapping it in a cocoon and preventing it from communicating with the rest of humanity, perverting it little by little to create a being incapable of fully participating in the evolution of mankind. Not even able to even enjoy it. With this, Islam is a race, identity and culture. To criticize Islam is to criticize the Muslim because the Muslim is Islam. This may explain why all international institutions, Western governments, the media and intellectuals hesitant, flee and decide not to regard Islam as pure ideology. All these people know that Islam is a kind of “operating system” similar to the system that takes possession of a computer, controls it, operates it, makes it alive. Without this system, the machine is a “dead” frame, and without the machine, the operating system is a useless abstract concept.

Thus, Islam has condemned all of humanity: Muslims are prisoners forever and non-Muslims can not liberate them, because no person is liberated by their race, identity and culture. Any attempt to do so is seen as racism. The humanity has allowed for far too long this doctrine to penetrate the souls of people, attach itself to their “natural cultural genes,” shape their own identity and collective identity, and finally take full control of their “biology” and even of their unconsciousness. Those who compare Islam (ISM) with Communism or Nazism don’t know anything. Ataturk also believed that Islam is a simple ideology that people turn to or turn their backs on as soon as one explains the phenomenon. Islam is not an ideology, but another way of producing and managing living beings, which we have difficulty qualifying as human beings in the sense understood by humanistic philosophers.

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