A true story about Saint Augustine

A true story!

The Algerian police are investigating whether Saint Augustine is a former mujahid or not, and whether he ever collaborated with colonial France. Don’t laugh as this is very serious.

Even if this curious story seems like a joke, it is nevertheless based on real facts. In 2020 an Augustinian association, which wanted to organize a cycle of conferences “on the most famous of Algerians – Saint Augustine-“, had requested material support from the APW (prefecture) and the APC (town hall) of Souk Ahras (presumed birth-region of the Saint himself) then led by presidents who were ignorant of the illustrious personage. Informed of the project of said association, the presidents of the town hall and the prefecture, asked the association for some time to reflect. In the meantime, they officially asked the leadership of the mujahideen (ex-combatants against France in the name of Islam) to research the revolutionary past of Saint Augustine and check if he did not have connections with colonial France. In turn, the leadership of the mujahideen seizes the police to investigate Saint Augustine.

The funniest thing in this sad story is the rush of the police who immediately summons the president of the association and asks him for personal information on Saint Augustin, his name, his first name, the name of his father and mother, his address, his nationality and the reason for his arrival in Algeria.

Finding out who Saint Augustine actually was confused the intelligence policeman who found nothing better to say than: “But these officials of the mujahideen leadership are stupid to ask us to investigate someone who died over 1600 years ago”.

Source : La page Thagastoise.  

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  • The religion of Mahomet, the simplest in its dogmas, Seems to condemn to eternal slavery, to incurable stupidity, all this vast portion of the earth where it has extended its empire

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