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The so-called Arabic numbers are really numbers from the Kabyles!

It is quite strange to experience that the whole world uses the so-called Arabic numerals, except the Arabs themselves who have chosen Hindu numerals. What is their origin, and why don’t the Arabs use them?

Several analysts have asked themselves this question about the non-use of “Arab” numerals by those who are supposed to have invented them. These became known to Europeans via the famous mathematician of Pisa, Leonardo Fibonacci in the 12th century. He found himself in a Kabyle city where he attended school. It was indeed here, at Bugia, that the young Fibonacci, whose father had a trading post in the city, had to learn mathematics at the feet of his then master, Sidi Omar.

Fibonacci, intelligent and quick-witted, immediately noticed a big difference between the digital symbols used in Bugia, and those used in Europe. In addition, there was another unknown symbol used by these Kabyle traders on the other side of the Mediterranean: the zero.

The discovery of this number would revolutionize all mathematical science, and would allow Fibonacci to become famous all over the world, especially because of the discovery he made by developing what are now known as the “Fibonacci Sequence”.

One of the peculiarities of these numbers, unlike those developed by Europeans and Hindus, lies in the meaning and accuracy of the angles contained within these symbols. The symbol of the number zero, being round, contains no angle. While that of the number “One” contains an angle, that of the “two” contains two angles and so on, up to the symbol of the number “nine”. The symbols were not chosen at random, but drawn by ingenious minds. This meaning is totally absent from other numbering systems.

However, to return to our interrogation, it is curious that the Arabs, who are supposed to have invented this system, did not keep it. They opted for another system, imposed by the Hindus, followed by the Persians before being adopted by the whole of the Middle East. The Hebrews and Greeks, for their part, chose to use alphabetic letters as their prefered numbering system. Moreover, there are apparently no old existing manuscripts containing these figures, which the European give paternity to the Arabs.

Abassid documents clearly include Hindu figures. The only traces of these figures called “Arab” are actually in North Africa, among the Berbers (Amazighs). And their discovery in Vgayeth(Bugia) is not fortuitous. It is more reasonable to say that these figures are actually of Kabyle origin than anything else.

After being adopted by Leonardo Fibonacci, these numerals had trouble settling in Europe, before they imposed themselves over time. But it would be the Church which would have imposed them officially, after the clergy’s noted their facility of use and their definitive installation in the very important commercial exchanges with North Africa.
By adopting them officially, they simply baptised them “Arabic numerals”. That’s how Kabyle numbers became arabized.

The Church, like many in those times, and until today, is purposely considering North Africa as Arabic. It is quite curious to see that the whole world uses the so-called Arabic numerals, except the Arabs themselves who have chosen Hindu figures. What is their origin, and why do not the Arabs use them?
What is the most curious aspect is that it is the Europeans who insist on claiming the numerals to be Arabic. There seems to be a real conspiracy against all that is Amazigh and particularly against Kabyle.


  • The French are the biggest culprits in this scam of a so-called Arab people and a rich Arabic language.
    The Larousse dictionary says, for example, the Hammam bath “a typical steam establishment in the Arab countries”. incredible audacity from frenchmen. They do not hesitate on any lie to make their Arabs.

    I just commented on Wikipedia about the word Hammam to explain to them that the word hammam is an Amazigh word that means hot. Hot In Arabic is called skhoun …. if this word is not Persian or Hindu

    The hammam existed in North Africa long before the existence of Arab and Turkish .. I am curious to see if they will be honest to correct this scam … Larousse refuses and insists on violating the Amazigh language

    • wrong again… in the the holy Quran the Word ‘Hamim’ is used to describe the ultimate heat of the hell… so stop lying by saying Hamam is a Kabyle word… actually the Kabyle dialect is the most influenced by arabic language in all Amazigh language…. i am not surprised that french people called you arabs in the first place.

      • Still the Islamic bullshit that believes he will deceive the world by putting “Holy Quran” as a strong argument. You are very badly fallen by coming to this website to talk about Esperanto said Arabic language. According to Muslims, the Arabic language is rich and has influenced other languages. According to them it is in Arabic that we find the words door, window, Olivier, spoon, plate, snow, cow etc. They make me laugh with so much naivity. The desert is not fertile ground for cultivating a language. It’s total emptiness. The Arabic language is nothing more than a middle-age esperanto to the need to build a history of the new religion that was defeated by Catholics.
         I always ask Muslims proud of their civilization from “their” religion to provide archeological or written evidence of the existence of an Arab people in the Hijaz desert, the birthplace of the fable Islam. The castle of the famous battle of the trenches of the pseudo city Medina. They can not give anything. We, North Africans, can provide names of kings and philosophers dating well before Jesus. Massinissa, Juba, Syfax, Firmus, Apuleus … But the Muslim is unable to provide any name of a Meccan leader of before the fable islam. There is only one reason. The human does not live in a desert. He crosses it at great risk but never lives in a desert. Just look at the photo of the mecca taken in the 19th century, more than a thousand years after the birth of Islam to understand that everything in this religion is a scam. A crime against humanity committed by the Vatican with the complicity of some North Africans for a reason that escapes me. To return to the esperanto said Arabic language, its grammar was the product of North Africans. Arabic is an esperanto of various words collected everywhere in Mediterranean and whose grammarian was North African of the name of Zwawi.
        Look at this article and comment on it.


  • But the word Hammam in arabic is not taken from amazigh, Hammam in arabic is not called hammam because it’s hot, it’s called hammam because in there people can “Yastahimmu”, which means they can “Bath” (The word itself means bathing but is used in the context of bath) in english, “Istihmam” which is another variation for the word hammam means “taking a bath”, a hammam is a hammam because you use water to wash yourself, has nothing to do with hotness.

    • Incredible the imagination of Arab forgers. Everyone knows that when we talk about Hamam is talking about hot baths .. not to design swim in the rivers and lakes of the desert of Arabia.

    • France who is the real office to patent your lies can not help you any more. The internet has arrived despite this forger of history and destroyer of cultures and identities. You have been orphaned forever. Islam and its Arab corollary are in agony and ready to be a bad memory for humanity.

      • Stop group all of Islam with Arabs. While Arabia’s population may be mainly Muslim, it doesn’t mean all of Islam is imposed by them. Please refrain from being so islamophobic and being hateful in general.

        • The complaint of hatred and Islamophobia do not work with the Kabyle. Go do this blackmail with poor Europeans, we hate Islam as hard as Muslims hate the world

  • The mentality of the muzz muzz is explained below.

    Extract from a discussion on a Muslim website about the reason for banning pork in Islam
    A: Jesus (peace and blessings) did he eat pork?
    B: The ban on eating pork came after Jesus.
    A: In this case why do people who follow the torah not eat pork?
    B: because they saw that the prophet Mohamed (sws) is right to forbid eating pork for Muslims

    What should they have done without the help of emperor Charlemagne and his successors?

  • la langue dite arabe n’est pas de l’arabe mais du punique . c’est la France avec les vendus internes et les turcs ,depuis la prise de l’Algérie qui a usurpé le patrimoine africains pour le consacrer à sa création arabe ,terme qui vient de aarav. La grammaire ALFYA avec la graphie revue du syriaque a été établie par les chrétiens numides de la tribu” des zwawas” pour servir l’arianisme (en version punique) qui évoluera en appellation islam tardivement. Pourquoi inventer des faux peuples habillés avec le patrimoine des vrais si ce n’est pour cacher les origines et les méfaits ravageurs des créateurs qui ont tout falsifié et détruit le passé pour prendre place ensuite? …les arabes fictifs ont bon dos. voyrez ce qu’est devenue l’église latine africaine et tout son énorme patrimoine. Bien sur des lâches ont contribué.

  • Why so much hate? French Fries are not from France and there is no global French conspiracy. Names get mixed up all the time and then the wrong one sticks. Doesn’t mean it’s done to hurt anyone.

    • For you, inventor a false people with the civilizational attributes of true natives to make it mutate into a foreign invader with Arabization which is a thoughtful construction and bogus history it’s not hateful … it’s not racist, it’s is not evil. Do not reverse the order of things and those responsible for the abominations suffered by the indigenous peoples reduced abroad at home. Refuse to become an insignificant mutant is an act of survival for any self-respecting human,

      For you, inventing an Arab people with the civilizational attributes of the true natives and having them mutate into a foreign invader by the cunning of Arabization which is a thoughtful construction and bogus history is not not hateful. racist, even evil. Do not reverse the order and those responsible for the abominations. Refusing to become an insignificant mutant is an act of survival for any self-respecting human. If you admit living under such an imaginary entity it is your problem. But please, no moral lesson. Objectively, historically and intelctually, if you are able. A defect be silent!

  • Interesting article. The Europeans have been intellectually manipulated by Arabs since the birth of Islam. They chose to learn from Arabs, their fault. Similarly, that’s why today Arabs are seen as some geniuses of some sort whereas Turks (whom deemed their women equal in society and politics before Islam vs. Islam which equated the testimony of two women to that of only one man) , for a thousand years, deemed barbarians by Europeans, all owing to the fact that they got their info from Arab scholars, whom since the time Mohammad condemned Turks and willed war against them (hence the conquest of east asia, Khorasan etc by Arab armies) hate the Turks more than anything. Now, how Turks performed barbarism in Europe again was caused by Islam! It’s an awe that people can’t see this. Anyway, you guys need to stop being all humanists and defend your civilisation against the rotten Arab culture. Best.

    • To read you, would believe that Europeans are innocent, naive, and even angels. No, the Arabs do not manipulate the Europeans. They are their master creators. Arabic is a 100% European creation. It is these which make us believe in the existence of a people coming out of a desert by the force of the sword. But we know that there is no trace of people in the hijaz desert. The name “Arab” must surely have been an insult during the high middle ages. Then from this insult, the Vatican made of it a people from the raw material of the conquered peoples. https://mergueze.info/islam-is-under-the-protection-of-western-powers/

  • a good story for kids (no sources , no references… ) just a fairy tell.

    i wonder why did Europeans call Kabyles Arabs ?

    • As for references, it’s simple, Fibonacci is given in the article. He studied in Kabylie. Kabylia is Kabyle and is still Kabyle. Not the false Arab people imagined by the Franks, you have nothing to give. Never does anyone ask you for sources. It is necessary to accept all in big and especially blindness. Arabic is an imaginary people made to destroy true peoples

    • Because the kabyles were rules by arabs at that time and were being colonized by arabs just like now, thats why you see many people referring to north africa as arab today because its still ruled by arabs but the people that live there are not arabs, so the numerals were made in bejaia but ruled by arabs at that time doesnt mean its arabic, they are kabyle made by kabyles thanks.

      • You can not read? It is clear in all that is said here that the Arab people is an ideological construct of the Vatican’s Europeans. There is not a single proof of time to convince us that the Arabs have invaded anyone. Nothing. The Vatican and its “wars of crusades” have destroyed all traces of history for centuries to invent another story with a so-called Arab people to make the greatness of Catholicism.

  • It wasn’t made by Kabyles, if people would study some history they would know that Bejaia was for the majoirity comprised of Arabs and Morsico arabic speaking people after the Arabs took control of the lands(during the Fatimid period). The Kabyle Berbers only lived in the villages of the region. Bejaia became a Berber city again in the end 19th century and 20th century when many Kabyles started to move to urban areas including Bejaia. So yes it was invented by Arabs or Moriscos.

    • The Arabs have never set foot in Kabylia. It was only with the French colonization that the teaching of Arabic began. What an imagination you have. If the Arabs had invented the numbers, they would be the first to use them. However, the Bedouins today use Hindu numbers.
      You are the cuckoo bird. It is in the nests of others that you make your existence. The whole world knows that Bedouins are the source of nothing at all. It is enough to see the desert of Hijaz to understand that you are simply windy.
      In addition, do you have any sources of time which mention the arrival of the Bedouins in North Africa?

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