Arabic literature for children: Swords and severed heads!

By consulting a few dozen books, available on the Algerian cultural market, intended for children, aged 6 to 16, I discovered the disaster! As I read them, I was struck by the trauma.

Storybooks, short stories, a mass of writings called, disgracefully, children’s literature !! A disgust! Books of religious literature offered to our children whose content is outrageous. Tales that tell horror stories. And all of this is presented under the banner of holy wars.

Stories full of blood and hate. Illustrations where the images are ugly and sickening. In the photos we only see swords, all kinds of swords. Bloody knives! Severed heads! Women veiled as raped. Torturing stories, where the strong believer is only the one who kills the greatest number of his religious opponents.

– Allah, make me die as a martyr –

Allah, make me die as a martyr

In the hands of our children, these books, disguised as historical and educational tales, are a perfect way to produce and reproduce terrorists, assassins, thieves or rapists.

In these books, the majority of which are pirated, the Muslim religion is nothing but an ideology of anger and hatred. Where the men are hysterical. Where all other religions are enemies and to be annihilated. Where all those who are different from us represent the ungodly and the disbeliever. And therefore, we are asked to declare holy war on them.

In these books, war is a picnic. War is a game. Human blood is just a common red liquid. If all the wars that humanity has known, without exception, teach us that they are producers of suffering, misfortune and disasters, in these children’s books, wars with all their blood, tears and wounds are the bearers of joys, pride and honor.

With these books, we do not teach our children the love of others, nor the art of living together, nor the meaning of understanding the other, nor the opportunity to discuss with the other. Nor how to share heaven and earth with the different other. They are taught to live with the fear of the other.

– Case law of the Muslim child –

With these books, known as children’s literature, children are taught about war while banishing the scent of love. A culture, any culture, that does not like the other is a culture on the verge of extinction. The people who do not see themselves in the mirror of the other are a blind people. Their mirror is cracked.

Without children who know how to play, laugh and smile, we will never be able to build a culture or a nation of tomorrow.

Algerians are a people who hypocritically hide any feeling of love or affection and, in return, maintain a culture where death and hatred take precedence.

Source : Amin Zaoui

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