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They wanted  their Arab-muslim state? – Well, they have it.

Generalized disgust 
-Nepotism, clientelism and corruption at all levels
-Intrinsic ignorance, hatered of being, hatered of everything, no reference, decervation
-Unemployment, economic precariousness, poverty and pauperization
-Violence, mysogyny, racism, tribalism, Islamism
-Incompetence of state institutions, no water, no service, no help in case of natural disasters, and the victims will forever be victims.
etc., etc…
They wanted  their Arab-muslim state? – Well, they have it.
A rotten country where no one pays taxes, everyone cheats, everyone lies and lies, everyone thinks only to trick they neighbor.
Children are trained like little dogs at school, to behave badly against women, against their parents, against all that remains positive in their society.
People there are slaves of Arabia, Palestine, Bin Laden, Iraq, countries and people so lousy.
Algeria is a dirty, underdeveloped, unsure nation, ruled by uneducated people and criminals. If you venture out at night by car, you will be killed, and you car will be stolen. If you file a complaint, you will be told: Speak only in the national language.
The coffers are dilapidated, looted by the officials, the banks continuously drained, the land is the prey of all kinds of vampires and the people are angry with them for not allowing them to participate in the carelessness. The people wait for the rotten cities under construction to rush on and occupy them anarchically. Moreover, in the distribution of housing, they start with those who are already well housed.
The only revolution this people can manage is the Islamic Revolution, in order to get fucked even more.
We get killed as easily as we greet each other and we say wonder “who killed whom” or “kach ma dar, el khawa ma yektlouche hakdha bark!”. Algerians believe that their country is rich, but it is only a desert. Roads and highways are built by France, only for their troops. The railways are the legacy of France.
If you call your bank, you are told to hang up or they call the police. If you call the Sonelgaz, you will be called a thief (rightly because everyone boosts their counter). People unplug their water meters and eat with no cost. Taxi drivers are robbers. In public services, people are treated like unwanted tramps, something they are most of the time…
I can go on forever …
This is what Algerians will never want to change, because they are simply unable to change it. THIS IS THE NATURAL STATE OF AN ARABIC ISLAMIC COUNTRY! Nobody can do better under the sky of Allah!
By Adbouz.K

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