By Dahmane Ath A.

Whatever language in which it is expressed, it diffuses the Universal thanks to the worthy sons of the venerable Kabyle woman who knew how to keep, transmit and perpetuate her tradition, from generation to generation.

Nacer Wabeau, a brilliant Spanish-speaking kabylian writer, living in Costa Rica, has been awarded the Order of Academic Palms in Costa Rica (2017). Listen to his memorable speech during the decoration of the Order and measure his inflexible rectitude for the support of the fair causes.

Here is an example of his brave and worthy stand in favor of his people. It contrasts so much with those perpetuating the voluntary servitude of certain Kabyle intellectuals who beg in dishonor for ridiculous “slave promotions” of the regime that deprives their own people of dignity.

“..Lucky are those who understood the meaning of history. A little reminder would probably be useful to refresh the memories. I respectfully invite those who criticize any initiative to save Kabylia, to re-read the books of history and to analyze carefully the important events since the creation of the North African Star in Paris,1926, by a handful of Kabyles, having a great vision of the history, until the creation of the Kabyle Provisional Government in Paris also …

On the other hand, the United Nations had only 53 states in 1945, today it has 193 member states. Borders are changing, everywhere in the world, the oppressed people aspire freedom … It is the same for the Kabyle people …

Those who oppose the MAK would do better to analyze the causes that pushed the noble children of Kabylia. Some are sons of martyrs, who fought for the greatness of Algeria, who tried everything for the triumph of freedoms and democracy in this country, to turn their back on it and fight for the independence of Kabylia.

Would it not be the best way to save it from the Baatho-Salafo-fascist ideology? What happened in 1949? In 1963? In 1980? Who murdered 127 Kabyles in 2001? Who forbids the conferences in Kabylia of freethinkers, renowned, recognized for their immense contribution to culture? Intellectuals like Dda Younes Adli, Dda Rashid Oulbsir, the young Karim Akouche, among others, who all over the world would be respected, except under dictatorial regimes.

However, it suffices that a TV channel plays a bad trick to a constantinois writer for a certain “elite” move, pretending to defend tolerance in Algiers.

The Kabyle people can not continue to bear the injustice. A few days ago Kabyle women were attacked violently at home in Tuviret and Iazzouguen. We did not see a single city in Algeria move a finger in a sign of indignation and solidarity …

There are times when you have to break the chains.

The situation is serious. Algeria is a volcano that may explode violently at any time. I accuse the dictatorship of Algiers of being responsible. “(Nacer Wabeau)

For those who have the chance to understand either Spanish or French, listen to the video. Nacer has an open heart.


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