Algeria: widespread hatred against the Kabyle

The Algerian regime is doing everything necessary to Arab-Islamize the Kabylians. What disturbs me is this widespread hatred against the Kabyle who do not allow themselves to be indoctrinated and deceived by the great Arab-Islamic machine in Algeria. Everywhere in Algeria, there is a secular hatred, historical, of this people who do not want to let themselves Arabize peacefully, even after 15 centuries of domination. The very existence of the Kabylians is lived as an affront, an insult by the Arabs. Outside of Kabylia, Kabylian is only good when he kneels before the Arabic, fades away his kabylity, caresses Arabity in the sense of the hair, reassures the Arab, makes himself a friend, a confidant, a counselor. The kabyle is good only if he repeats that we are all “khawa” (brother) and that he is harmless, not animated by bad intentions. The Arab-Islamic machine proceeds by the mental manipulation of Kabyle minds weakened or weakened by the loosening of ties with the Kabyle people and culture. In Kabylie, the arabo-muslim machine builds local relays, buys the lees of the Kabyle people to use in its macabre mission to eradicate the Kabyle fact. It uses the schools, the media, the mosques, the courts, the police, the public markets … everything goes and everything is good to spread first the Arab-Islamic mentality, preparing the bed of Arabization and of total Islamization.

But it will never work. It’s too late, too many recent major historical facts have forged a political, identity and cultural consciousness more than ever anchored in the Kabyle collective memory. Simple key words evoke these facts: Ait Ahmed, April 1980, Ait Menguellat, Haroun, Mammeri, Chaker, Saadi, the 1991 election, Ait Larbi, Boycott, schoolbag strike, Ferhat, Imazighen, League of human rights, Matoub, spring 2001, arouch, MAK ….. The Kabyle unconscious is already full, busy. No mental manipulation* can erase everything and replace it with other keywords. The seed of secession is well planted! The more the seed is showered with contempt, insults, hatred and blood, the more it blooms, grows and grows up.
The hatred against the Kabylians will not change the Kabylian people. It does not break them. It does not make them feel guilty. It does not complex them. It does not annihilate them. It only makes them stronger. It strengthens their faith in themselves.
Gradually, as the Kabyle cowards and traitors join the opposing camp, the situation settles down, the objectives become clearer, the cacophony fades, the parasites disappear and the actors on the public stage trust each other. By getting rid of all the bullets that generate, delay and hamper the Kabyle fight, Arab-Islamism and its regime is doing us a favor. It filters our own political scene and picks up our garbage. This makes the Kabyle people stronger.
Arab-Islamism must face the facts: Kabylia is neither arabizable, nor islamizable, nor assimilable, nor to sell, nor to seduce. The Kabyle fact is there for eternity. Arabo-Islamism must live with and deal with this.

Hating the Kabyle will not help. Attempting to arabicize Kabylia is useless. In any case, only a few exiles weakened, softened, exhausted and besieged in the Arab cities are becoming weaker with time, after 4 or 5 generations. Meanwhile, they are replaced fourfold by new births in Kabylie.

I have been working:
3 years in Laghouat
3 years in Constantine
5 years in Setif
1.5 years in Algiers
1 year in Oran

By rubbing shoulders with the “good Kabyle submissive”, I learned a lot about Algerian Arabs. My many postings have allowed me to discover that from east to west, from north to south, the hatred against the contumacious Kabyle is a national constant!

The Kabylian is distinguished, he is distinct from the Arab-Islamic. And he is distinguished by his mentality, his language, his culture, his general political opinion, his vision of the universe, his habitat, his eating habits. Even his stupidity is different from that of the rest of the country. If the bullshit of others is to mutilate each other, that of Kabyle is to try to save their enemies from their own bullshit. Only the Kabyle are able to do that!

* The mental manipulation is telling us: “Everyone is Amazigh, so let’s all be Arab Muslims”


  • stop telling lies.And instead why honouring colonial (french) and kissing their asses? Shame on people like you.By the whatever you give the French they see you as a trator.

  • Stop telling lies. We are all Algerians and now most of us we have Arab/berbere blood. It is my case, blood from Arab from tlemcen and blood berbere. I don’t agree with article. Kabyle/amazigh people live happily throughout Algeria and in Algiers they enjoy top positions in the government. Please stop your fitna, stop supporting Farhat

    • They live happily under your domination. the good joke. You do not even live happy between yourself. Hatred dominates you so much that you make rivers of blood with your own fellow-believer. The poor Amazigh / Berbers delivered by European colonialism to your claws must ask permission to give the name they want to their children. Kabyle and Mouzabite Amazighs languish in your prisons by hundreds

      • You are an untermensche working for the synagogue of satan. Genetics + phenotypes proves there no such monolithic group. Only a sub human uses others word to define themselves. Kabyle is an arabic word , using an Arabic word yo say you not Arab. Or even worst Berber from the Greek barbaros ! serious, you can’t even name yourselves.

        Ancient North Africans never used such words, they never had a nation concept. Look at ferhat mheni in the US he would bee seen as a sand nigger, he clearly looks Yemni Arabid aith aethiopod mix. asemiti-negroid.

        Last the so called berbers genetically are an ad mix of proto semites natusfians an negroids with a bit eurasian basal.

        Even your mheni claims Jewish ancestry like their semitic Arab cousin, the so called beber is a an afrosiatic language just like semitic arab , hebrew. Those are neolithic natufian invaders. The Juden will use you and throw like the kurds, and sudanese. You will remain a goy, an honorable folk do not seek help in others.

        The only Hatred is against the true whites, exotic Nordic Algerians as described by Carlton s coon. Ancient Lybics were white, nlonde, blue eyes as depicted by Egyptians.

        The Gerneral cartels were majority kabyle as you say or more kabbale as you. Bowing to the synagogue of satan wont help you, Arabs true ones are doing it for a long time to their semitic cousins.

        Soon Northa Africa will be all negroids, while you begging and getting manipulated.

        • It is a true delirium, an Arabian diarrhea that he makes and he exposes all his hatred and his ignorance to the sight of the world.

          It is impossible to answer insanities of this kind, but still I will give him a link on the only point comprehensive of his commentary since it is known, taught and drool by the school and the mosque of Algeria. The word Kabyle was established long before the invention of the Arabs, Herodotes mentions it as well as other historians of antiquity. The Arabic language is a middle-age esperanto. Never before has there been any writing in this language, jargon, before this time. Everything in the language Arabic is artificial. Words gathered from the Hebrew, Syriac, Berber, Aramaen languages ​​etc. The Arab people themselves are nonexistent before the invention of the religion Islam. A religion that is only the reformation of a Christian sect that has degenerated. The proof even today the Europeans help you to Arabize non-Arab peoples. The Arabic language is introduced to the UN by France by Valéry Giscard d’Estaing diplomacy.That means everything!
          Breathe a little because when you express yourself there are only you and your Arab congeners who understand what you say because you are watered at the same source poisoned.

          • Cheating on the identity of peoples and their stories is the essence of the existence of so-called Arab states. As the whole world does not take them seriously and even misunderstands them, they are no longer restraining themselves in their falsification of all kinds.
              Kabyle are Yemenites. What imagination and what audacity!

        • GerVad, I can assure you of one thing: You come down from the monkey like everyone else.
          It was after there were Kabyle monkeys, Arab monkeys, Anglo-Saxon monkeys, Gallic monkeys etc.
          For your case, apparently you were first a simple monkey like everyone else, then you became an Amazigh monkey, then become an Arab monkey who wonders if he is not a Yemenite monkey.

          By the way, do you feel North African or not? If so, it is that you are berbere (Kabyle), otherwise it is not only Kabyle in the world. Being Arab is not a crime, I assure you.

          In any case, you have the chance to understand how Algeria is populated by Arabs without there being a massive influx of Arabs from Arabia. They were all like you.

        • I don’t think Egyptians had any whites/blonds (or even real redheads); decomposed mummies don’t count.. They used blue pigment figuratively.

      • Please hang on brother. I will pray for you. Remain faithful to Jesus.
        Revelation 2:7
        “To him who overcomes I will give to eat from the tree of life, which is in the midst of the Paradise of God.

        Revelation 2:11
        “He who overcomes shall not be hurt by the second death.”

        Revelation 2:17
        “To him who overcomes I will give some of the hidden manna to eat. And I will give him a white stone, and on the stone a new name written which no one knows except him who receives it.”

        Revelation 2:26-28
        “And he who overcomes, and keeps My works until the end, to him I will give power over the nations– ‘He shall rule them with a rod of iron; They shall be dashed to pieces like the potter’s vessels’ – as I also have received from My Father; “and I will give him the morning star.”

        Revelation 3:5
        “He who overcomes shall be clothed in white garments, and I will not blot out his name from the Book of Life; but I will confess his name before My Father and before His angels.”

        Revelation 3:12
        “He who overcomes, I will make him a pillar in the temple of My God, and he shall go out no more. I will write on him the name of My God and the name of the city of My God, the New Jerusalem, which comes down out of heaven from My God. And I will write on him My new name.”

        And Revelation 3:21
        “To him who overcomes I will grant to sit with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne.”

        • Put away your badly-written foreign ancient failed comic book, cretin. Rev says only 144,000 can fit in the only city in heaven, New Jerusalem, so it should be full by the fall of Rome. Scripture is about the time and culture it was written in, not centuries or millennia later and thousands of miles away. The death of Nero[n] falsified Rev 13. Many other predictions came fake, even in the same book like when Jèsu said a profèt should die in Jerusalem but he died outside on Golgotha.

    • C’est la vérité mais où il y a mensonge par ignorance c’est de croire que les dits arabes imaginaires dominent les nords africains depuis 15 siècles alors que le dogme qui sert de fondation des arabes “est de l’arianisme des premiers sarrasins nords africains qui deviendra l’islam des siècles après par toute une machination coloniale de l’occident qui créera le moyen Orient (l’Arabie) pour l’habiller avec ,après les 17em siècle.
      Jamis au grand jamais les arabes inventés n’ont enahi un pays .Un vrai délire coloniale que chacun reprend par manque de compréhension du comment le tout a été édifié. Je détiens des preuves de mahomet est un chrétien arainistes nord africain. INVENTION DU VATICAIN en collanoration avec les chrétiens n a f.

  • The Kabyles are seen by the Arab population of Algeria as the Jews of Algeria. It means that they are the element that federates the hatred of Arab-Muslims who see them as Christians who eat Ramadan, never go to the mosque and eat pigs … the worst provocation for Arabs

    • Sand nigget, Arabs are doing this. You are a low IQ stupid. Your population have 83 iq just like the Arabs. Guess you never met true arabs, alcohol, sex…etc.

      Good destroy yourself haha stupid.

      The bible forbids Porc you are ignorant, Jesus said he came not to abolish the Law

  • … do not forget to talk about the Kabyle who fled Kabylie to settle in France and Canada … they do not support the hard life in the “Bled” … by far, they call for resistance while they are safe !!!

  • Bullshit all what you are saying….. You are just a puppet of Netanyahu who want fitna in Algeria to destroy it as you did with Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, lebanon, Sudan but you fail in Algeria

  • CHRONICLE (SIWEL) – Kabylie is in the final stretch concerning the organization and preparations for the big marches for the double commemoration of the Kabyles Spring of 1980 and 2001.

    In Kabylie on April 20th or in Paris on the 15th, as well as in Quebec on the 21st, all Kabyles are on deck to pay tribute to our young peaceful protesters shredded with heavy weapons by the soldiers of the Algerian colonial power.

    In Kabylie the posters calling for the march flourish everywhere and thousands of leaflets are sown to compensate for the posters torn apart by the Baltaguias of the colonial power and its thugs at nightfall. Meetings are also organized to call for the march.

    In Paris it is also the excitement, poster campaigns, interventions in local radio in Toulouse, Lyon, Paris. Intervention by President Mas Ferhat Mehenni on VL a French TV and address a letter to the Kabyle people in which he invites him to invest the street “as one man to show the world his desire for independence as expressed in the memorandum filed on 28/09/2017 at the UN “. On the other hand a carpooling service is set up in different cities of France to facilitate travel, as well as the establishment of a bus service.

    In Quebec it is the same scenario, where our brothers prepare this march with a lot of fervor.

    New this year, the Kabyle marches will be punctuated by a Kabyle National Patriotic Chant, composed by Dda Ṭeyyev n At Ɛemṛuc and sung by a chorus of engaged Kabyles artists.

    It is in this feeling of the duty of memory to be fulfilled and of the moral obligation to honor, that the Kabyles are preparing to march and to also claim the independence of Kabylia so as not to have to relive these butcheries and these baths. of blood.

    Faced with the enthusiasm of the Kabyles for the march and the struggle for the independence of Kabylie, a Kabylie certainly occupied but alive and dynamic that acts, there is a Algeria ruined, humiliated and mortified to be laughed at the world following the a trillion dollars spent in corruption and theft in a decade.

    To the question of the independence of Kabylia and the political challenge posed by the MAK, the colonial power seized by the misery of the bag of milk not found in the wheat, with a poor political staff of behavior, racist and anti-Semitic, without political imagination and with an absent president, has no other answers to give to Kabylia than a military grid like the colonial plan Challe of sad memory.

    To this political anarchy aggravated by the struggles between the clans, is added the political pressure exerted by Islamist vermin well maintained if necessary, which conditions its support to the colonial power in return for the freedom to manage the salafisation and particularly the Arabization of the Kabyles through the mosques.

    In anticipation of the marches in Kabylie, the Algerian colonial power, raises and fertilizes its dogs in the barracks. This is the double ration for all.

    Three men are responsible for implementing this plan. The Chaoui Gaid Salah, the Tlemcenien Hamel (confidence and balancing of the clans obliges) and of course the head of the Algerian Gestapo, Bachir Tartag, more at ease in the surveillance of the Kabyles independence activists than in the hunting of the crooks and the felon who ruined this bled and put his safety in danger.

    Finally it does not concern us on this last point. Charbonnier is master at home.

    It is in this magma and this plethora of traitors that some Kabyles fond of bread and promiscuity with thugs, emerge to try to break even more Kabylia.

    No shame with regard to their association with the worst kind of thugs, the convicts, the notorious killers who claimed “eyes in the eye”, facing the families of the 250,000 victims and 70,000 missing and the assassinations of Algerians with the complicity of the services of this country, these Kabyles devoid of conscience, blinded by the crumbs thrown with disdain and contempt, dare to accuse the Kabyles of political extremism, because independence and love of their motherland Kabylie.

    The colonial power overwhelmed by the independence tsunami made Kabylie a mosque and an open barracks to try to curb the aspiration of Kabyles to independence.

    Preventing commemorative marches is the concern of this colonial power, not because he is ashamed of the crimes and murders he committed in Kabylia.

    Without any remorse, arrogant and unscrupulous, he oppose a memorial war in Kabylie to reduce this spring said at the time “Amazigh” to a simple heckling of kids.

    His only concern is to evade his crime and expurgate this spring, Kabyle blood that he leaked. This is his policy to try to escape his heavy criminal responsibility that propels him into the dustbin of history alongside Boumedienne, Hitler, Saddam etc ….

    It is in this atmosphere of military-police and societal Islamist terrorism, that the colonial power mobilizes its soldiery and its troupe of Salafist imams.

    The Arab Salafist colonial power is such a dog who wants to bite his tail. On the one hand he mobilizes his troops to criss-cross Kabylie, to suppress the marches, to arrest the peaceful militants and to tear down the Kabyles flags that adorn the squares of the towns and villages, and on the other hand, he argues in front of the international opinion that the Kabylie lives in a peaceful political climate.

    Wading into lies, ridicule and absolute contradiction, the colonial power at bay, has before him a Kabyle country determined to wrest its independence.

    He will learn at his expense, like the former colonist he replaced, that when the Kabyles want, everything comes.

    Menal At Qasi
    SIWEL 122200 AVR 18

  • Algeria has an enemy, it’s Kabylie and the Kabyles!

    Racism against the Tamazight of the 70s is still relevant, everyone remembers that time, that President Bouhkarouba (Boumedienne) had banned Kabyles from speaking their language to the capital! The Algerian Arabs, they are against Tamazight and they will remain against, for life! But you Kabyles, are you going to wake up when? You are rejected and whatever you do you are frowned upon and you will remain the enemy number 1 of Algeria! You are considered Halouf (pig) eaters alcohol drinkers, and non-fasting, basically you are enemy of Allah because Algeria is declared Muslim and Arab. On one side, it’s good for your mouths!

    Since Tamazight is called national and official language in Arab Algeria, no official document bears the traces of Tamazight, or to see the Amazigh flag next to that of Algerian Arabic, made by Mesali Hajj and, which It hurts these false Kabylians who support this dictatorial regime. In fact it is not because you speak Kabyle that you are Kabyles, it is downright false, a Kabyle worthy of name, he never condones this racist regime!

    Is not it Bouteflika who came to us in 1999, to swear that Tamazight will never be official national language, simply he is faithful to the decisions of his former Arab President Boukharouba (Boumedienne) but it is a pity you continue to believe in this regime that does not want us anymore!

    So, this umpteenth episode must be a reminder to false Kabyles, scattered and refusing to unite for their identity, and if you have a few grams of nif (dignity) the independence of our beloved fatherland Kabylia, s imposes and it is necessary. Until when to let others decide for you and manage you? Yet, Kabylie to men and women who are very capable even to manage the entire planet!

    Mokrane NEDDAF

  • Stop sowing hatred among Algerians. We are all Muslims and the Kabyles are our brothers. Kabyles are not oppressed in Algeria. They are prime minister, ministers and generals and are the best Algerians

  • The Arab-Muslims use this process a lot to try to silence the Kabylians protest. They say that the Kabylians are numerous in power, have senior positions, sometimes even generals, colonels, ministers and prime ministers.Yes, but are they individuals who organize their careers regardless of whether they are Kabylian or are they elected by the Kabylian people to represent them in the government?The same stratagem is used to show that Kabylian people consent to Arabization. They say that the greatest Arabists and defenders of the Arabic language are Kabylians. Yes, but did the Kabylian people mandate them for this mission?For Islam, do not even talk about it. It is enough for them to affirm that 100% of Kabylians are Muslim so that it is true. This is true because Islam is a state religion. Is it not correct that there is a law prohibiting other religions than Islam?

  • Algeria manufactures Arabs from Amazigh raw material. Until then it works and the arabo.musulman is satisfied. But when it does not work, when this Amazigh is not remodeled, do not be fooled by Arab Islamism, then it is for them sectarian, racist and Islamophobic, intolerant, unbeliever, extremist anti-Arab manipulated by the Zionists

  • Arab racism against Kabyle is not only practiced in Algeria. This deep hatred of the Arabs towards us crossed the Mediterranean, it is so strong and anchored that they embarked with them alongside their djellabas and their turbans. In the Arab imagination, the Kabyle and the Jew are put in the same basket. You can imagine what an Arab wants for a Jew!

  • Soon the new word in the dictionary:

    Khawakhawism: masculine noun. It refers to the fact that a minority deny themselves by renouncing their identity, their values and their differences to be assimilated to an ensemble that wants to erase it. Synonyms: Submission, voluntary assimilation, self-hatred.

  • However it is France which by decree of 1839 created Algeria. The first Algerians were called Pierre, Michel, Yvonne, Jeannette etc. It is still this same France that has Arabized the Amazigh peoples of North Africa. It is also you, algerians, who for hours, if not days, waiting in line in front of the French Embassy to ask for a visa !
    To strive to safeguard the French creation is to remain under the regime of colonization! it is you, the Algerians, who wish to remain in the French machination to destroy the North African indigenous peoples.

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