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What is Algeria?

Algeria is a map drawn by the French, the English and the Germans during the Bonn Treaty. Following the French defeat against Prussia in 1870, France was not allowed to include Tunisia and Morocco and had to keep them in a “protectorate”.

If there had not been for this defeat, our Moroccan friends and our donut selling Tunisians would have been Algerian.

And I bet that the people of Tunis or Rabat would be shouting “long live Algeria as one and indivisible in 14 centuries”.


  • The Algerian bastards, descendants of the Turks, Janissaries Kouloughlis, Moorish and other European thugs, believe that the worthy Kabyle people would let France play god and create a people named Algerian on the back of a genuine Amazigh people of Kabylie.

  • Things must now be clear: Algerian does not designate a people, but that one is either: adept of an ideology. We are Algerian as we are communist, Baathist, Islamist, sionnist, Nazi, fascist, socialist, liberal, berberist, internationalist, universalist …
    Either it means that one is an organization that sets up and organizes an ideology, so, Algerian has as much sense as Soviet for example … what ethnologically means the name “sovietique”?

    On the other hand, the name Kabyle, Chaoui, mozabite … or other is an appellation which defines a belonging to a people.

  • Algeria is a magma, a state without a nation, clutching on the mythical legacy of a pseudo-revolution, a zone of lawlessness in permanent civil war, plundered by its leaders and (why not?) by international capitalism.

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