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What is Algeria?

Algeria is a map drawn by the French, the English and the Germans during the Bonn Treaty. Following the French defeat against Prussia in 1870, France was not allowed to include Tunisia and Morocco and had to keep them in a “protectorate”.

If there had not been for this defeat, our Moroccan friends and our donut selling Tunisians would have been Algerian.

And I bet that the people of Tunis or Rabat would be shouting “long live Algeria as one and indivisible in 14 centuries”.


  • The Algerian bastards, descendants of the Turks, Janissaries Kouloughlis, Moorish and other European thugs, believe that the worthy Kabyle people would let France play god and create a people named Algerian on the back of a genuine Amazigh people of Kabylie.

  • Things must now be clear: Algerian does not designate a people, but that one is either: adept of an ideology. We are Algerian as we are communist, Baathist, Islamist, sionnist, Nazi, fascist, socialist, liberal, berberist, internationalist, universalist …
    Either it means that one is an organization that sets up and organizes an ideology, so, Algerian has as much sense as Soviet for example … what ethnologically means the name “sovietique”?

    On the other hand, the name Kabyle, Chaoui, mozabite … or other is an appellation which defines a belonging to a people.

  • Algeria is a magma, a state without a nation, clutching on the mythical legacy of a pseudo-revolution, a zone of lawlessness in permanent civil war, plundered by its leaders and (why not?) by international capitalism.

    Benzaim of his first name Abdelouahab, senator of condition, you know him. He is the son of the FLN where he dragged his slippers. As you will have understood, he is an Arab-National-Baathist-Islamist ideological breed, a pure anti-Kabyle and anti-Semitic racist pedigree.
    He is now close to Tebboune. A really close ideological close. He is so close to her that only, while younger, the absence of a small mustache distinguishes him.
    The Benzaim has already failed. Known in the register of Arab-Islamist racists and fascists. Let us remember his protrusion against the “Kabyles, cancerous tumors”, anti-Jewish terminology specific to fascist movements of sinister memory. A tumor that “must be eliminated” like what the Nazis did to the Jews and that he wants to apply with impunity to the Kabyles as well.
    In an online newspaper maintained by Kabyles, blocked to this day by the military junta, and which opened its columns to him to make him speak with condescension, Abdelouahab poured out without any restraint on Morocco and Israel with remarks and racist, anti-Semitic and hateful conspiracy theories, directly inspired by the “Protocol of the Elders of Zion” (anti-Semitic pamphlet written by the Tsar’s secret police, Okhrana), vomit which would not have passed the stage of drafting in a country of right.
    But, isn’t this “Algeria” at war with Morocco !? Anything that can feed and excite the low instincts in a country hungry for potato and milk is welcome.
    Benzaïm calls on the Moroccan people to be vigilant against the “population policy” that Israel would like to “carry out in Morocco”. No less than that. Suddenly denial and revisionist, he sweeps away more than 2,000 years of Jewish presence in North Africa, a very old history with a very strong link which binds the Moroccan monarchy to the Jewish people of secular Morocco, unlike this “Algeria” illegitimate daughter of colonial France, created in 1839.
    Abdelouahab the senator takes up the hackneyed, racist and anti-Semitic clichés of the conquest and domination of the world by the Jews contained in the pamphlet quoted above “there are, in Morocco today a million Jews … They are installed and circulate freely in the kingdom. They own hotels, land “and continue in the politico-racist delirium” In favor of the last agreements signed between Morocco and Israel, we will witness a settlement policy which will be facilitated “and to talk about the pseudo great replacement” This will bring other Jews who will come to settle in Morocco “and always in the same hateful vein, Benzaïm declares that the Jews have already monopolized the economy of this country and their” objective is to reduce the Moroccans to the rank of ‘slaves’.
    At this point, this individual is suffering from a syndrome that we would call “algerianitis”, this pathology which makes this being that we call Algerian, the defender of the causes that only he himself considers fair, denying to anyone has the right to contradict or question him; be judged, “As for those who criticize us for commenting on what is happening, we say that this situation concerns us directly as Algerians. We even have compatriots who live in Morocco ”, he just forgot to stress and threaten, that it is also valid for France which hosts Algerians at home and that it is within the rights of this“ Algeria ”to interfere in its internal affairs and dictate its foreign policy.
    As a buffoon for the racist and anti-Semitic gangs in power in Algiers, Abdelouahab let himself go, in the hope of pleasing his masters by supporting them in their policy of interference in Moroccan internal affairs concerning the Moroccan Sahara infested with militias from the Polisario ui would be trained by those of Hezbollah armed by Iran. He says the Israelis are “seeking war and planning to disrupt all of North Africa. They are also eyeing the riches of the Occupied Territories of Western Sahara (sic) ”.
    Demonstrations of Moroccan Islamists, where their Algerian co-religionists, of which Abdelouahab is part, occupy the top of the political, social, societal and cultural pavement, this individual deludes the fall of the monarchy “The day will come which is not very far away where the throne of Morocco will fall ”. All his diatribe in this online site, made of racism, anti-Semitism, in short racial hatred, the plague of humanity, focused on a call to Moroccans to bring down the monarchy.
    Transi of jealousy vis-a-vis the economic development of Morocco, particularly in West Africa in the sectors of finance, construction, mining, telecoms, agriculture etc, mirror of an “Algeria” ruined on the edge of bankruptcy and plagued by shameless racial hatred, the unpunished senator moves in all serenity in the Algerian mire today isolated even on the international level.
    In this country which calls itself a “defender of just causes” (sic) in hollow concerned with political ethics, not a single politician, judicial authority or any other so-called “elite” person rose up against what is a real vomit of this abject fanatic, patent “senator”.
    It is true that this junta, its relatives, its clerks and its customers, is not only at war against the populations of this so-called Algerian territory, in particular against Kabylia and the Kabyles which it dedicates to gemonies but against Morocco, the France, Israel and the USA.
    Only his friends, Iranian, Syrian and Turkish fascist obscurantist states escape this terrorist and racist war madness.
    CLKI – Free Chroniclers of Independent Kabylia.

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