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RTBF documentary about the kabylian national team

By Vaz At Vrahem
The Belgian public television devoted yesterday evening, Saturday the 9th of June 2018, in its flagship show “7 to the front page” a documentary * dealing with the World Cup of stateless people (CONIFA) reserving for Kabylia a wide coverage.

The RTBF who interviewed Mas Sab Amar-Khodja, the minister of Youth and Sports in the Kabylian Provisional Government in Exile (Anavad), had access to the locker rooms of the Kabylian national team and interviewed Kabylian players who have put forward their pride in representing their nation, as well as Kabyle supporters who have all declared their joy to see their own, their flag, their hymn … among the other nations.

A supporter, showing Kabylian players on the ground, has also masterfully verbalized the resent that all Kabyle proud of his kabylity had to experience: “We are here, the team represents me, that’s me”

Remember that the Kabyle delegation who left London this Sunday morning will arrive shortly before eight o’clock tonight at the Bercy Seine bus station in Paris where a reception committee of several hundred Kabyles of the diaspora and headed by President Ferhat Mehenni accompanied by ministers of Anavad, will be welcoming the Kabylian heroes as it should be.

Presentation of the documentary by the RTBF:

“Punjab, Kabylia, Abkhazia … These names may not tell you anything, and for good reason, these are regions that are not recognized as states on the international scene. While many contries are ready to fly for the FIFA World Cup in Russia, these teams also play their world cup … the CONIFA on the field, no professional players, only amateurs who are there to defend their colors, far from the contracts and sponsors. ”
RTBF : Radio Télévision Belge Francophone (RTBF) is the public broadcasting organization of the French Community of Belgium, the southern, French-speaking part of Belgium

wbw / with the kind permission of RTBF *

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