Homosexuality among Muslims

To those who claim that homosexuality is totally condemned in Islamic countries, I should point out a very Mohammedan shade in the matter: the “pointer” is seen as glorious male, only the “receiver” is perceived as shamefully feminized .

An ottoman miniature from the book Sawaqub al-Manaquib depicting Homosexuality

But like many things on the lands of Islam, hypocrisy is a well shared art.

Now, for proof of this nuance, many Mohammedan insults consist of vigorous sodomy threat against the insulted male or female, which proves that for a Muslim male, it is as glorious to sodomize than it is shameful to be sodomized.

I apologize to sensitive souls, for these scabrous technical detail, but it is difficult to talk with precision without providing them.

Islam, unnatural religion leads men to be schizophrenic. It separates men and women in all areas of daily life before marriage. Young men are struggling to have a sexuality and physical tenderness, as a result homosexuality is latent in many Muslim countries.

Look at the example of Algiers, Casablanca and Parisian suburbs, men are always between themselves. At the same time it is the religion that push to “comfort homosexuality” that condemns to death homosexuality. Islam is a evil religion.

While homosexuality existed in all times and accounts for between 6-10% of the population of any country, some want us believe that does not exist in Muslim countries, while it is precisely in these countries that men have more difficulty finding a wife.

So once and for all, homosexuality has a multi factorial origin rooted in education, genes, hormone levels in the gestation period, sometimes some painful experiences of sentimental life, and often imposed by religious rules. It is therefore given, instilled and not chosen.

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  • Amin
    ♦ Sexuality in Arab-Muslim society: taboo, obsession, shame and honor
    Why is sexuality transformed, in the Arab-Muslim imaginary, into an exaggerated fantasy? Why does the Arab-Muslim mentality behave with caution, thirst, and restraint when it comes to the “sexuality” thing in art, in education or in everyday life? The Arab-Muslim cultivates and maintains, since his childhood, a state of mind and an ambiguous speech when it comes to the “sexuality” thing. Sexuality remains a repressed and chronic psychosocial complex for Muslims in general, from birth to death. Sexuality is a darkness, a disorder!
    The Arab-Muslim society, in its entirety, intellectuals as ordinary citizens, sees sexuality as “shame”. Sexuality is synonymous with virile “honor” or absolute “disgrace”! The crime of honor is legalized, canonized or tolerated by the Arab-Muslim society. Stories called “honor killings” that give goosebumps are lived and admitted from Marrakech to Basra!
    The last one is that of a Palestinian doctor who arrives in Gaza coming specifically from Montreal to murder his sister because she dared to post on the social networks his photo alongside his boyfriend! The Arab-Muslim citizen is allergic to love. In his head, love is often linked to cursed sexuality. As a result, Arab-Muslim society tolerates hatred and violence as a culture and condemns love and affection between a man and a woman.
    And because sexuality is a hallucination, a kind of individual and community phobia, Arab Muslims condemn a mixed school. In their eyes, diversity is the path to non-sharia sexuality! Any mix is ​​immoral. And despite all this technology that invades the Arab-Muslim society, the relationship to sexuality has not changed or little.
    Sex education always involves traditional cultural channels using archaic methods and a vague, hypocritical and fatalistic discourse. Paradox! Although sexuality remains a taboo, according to reliable statistics, the Arab-Muslim society is the biggest consumer of pornographic films and any other culture of human flesh!
    In the programs of the Arab-Muslim school, sex education is banned. Silence! And in the face of this educational vacuum, children and adolescents are constantly exposed to all the socio-sanitary and ideological risks. And what is disgusting, disgraceful, these so-called Arab parliamentarians are concerned about the enactment of laws enacting child-girl marriage and condemning sex education in schools and high schools.
    Two years ago, when the Algerian Parliament was preparing for a debate on the need for the introduction of “sex education” in the school curriculum, the obscurantist conservative force shouted on all roofs, condemning such acts. Sex education must be supported by specialists in the field, in this case, doctors, medical aides, psychiatrists, philosophers … in order to release the new generation of this socio-cultural complex.
    The Arab-Muslim political regimes never cease to censor any literary or cinematographic creation evoking sexuality, but, at the same time, tolerate charlatans and religious to detail this sensitive issue! In Arab-Muslim society, only the feqih and the charlatan are allowed to talk about sex, on television, in mosques, at conferences and elsewhere.
    The risk in sexuality is that the latter is transformed into a commodity instead of being an expression of freedom and the dignity of the human body. In the absence of a planned scientific and cultural management of the “sex education” thing, the latter will remain an obsession. And in an obsessional society, the woman settles, in the Arab-Muslim imaginary, as harassed prey in the street, in her home and in the company

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