The Kabylian woman


A Kabylian woman, in all her beauty. She puts on her traditional dress: the dress is richly decorated, the scarf with the yellow color that symbolizes Kabylia, her yellow and red-striped fouta tied around her waist, her silver jewels adorned with corals.
These jewels are inherited from distant ancestors, brought to northern Africa by the Romans, who were well accepted by the Kabylian people, who share with them so many values.
Values that are opposed to the sickly dogma conveyed in Islam, which distorts all that touches, which makes men become aggressive and owner-sick. Islam keeps women locked in detention and denies them their rights because of the “prophets” sickly jealousy.
The picture shows a young woman with a rebellious attitude: kabylian women are stubborn, which means they are not easy to impress! It is in her nature. But she also knows to be fair and humble, she is generous and sensitive.

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