For a just and better world


Kabylia unites a population that has a territory, a language, a history, a culture of its own. The conditions set by international law to, recognize the existence of a people with a right to self-determination, are themselves derived from history.

We  are not going around in circles, we are fighting against our Arab-muslim-colonialism enemies who wants to annihilate us from the surface of the earth.

When the existence of a people is denied, the people concern voluntarily postpone their biological, artistic, creative, technological and economic emergencies in order to extract their right to existence in order to live in peace, freedom and dignity.

We can not be useful for ourselves or for others (positive humanity) as long as we are nothing, as long as our existence and our will of people are flouted by the Arab-muslim-colonislism in alliance with European vulture government.

The world must learn to look the truth in the eyes in order to end the criminal hypocrisies that tolerate these crimes against humanity of which barbarous  arab colonialists are committing.

Respect for human rights and the rights of people must prevail over anything else, if not, we welcome chaos, wars, blood, death and the end of the world.

For globalization, it can only succeed if it passes through the respect of human beings. That is to say that it is necessary to work urgently to ensure the self-determination of all the different people of the planet. This is the only way to guarantee the peace and human rights of individuals around the world.

Whether a people wants to be independent or autonomous, I do not see how this can constitute a problem for the world or for the totalitarian governments that hold these people hostage and condemn them to disappearance and disintegration. We are doing more harm to humanity by depriving a people of their right to exist.

Everyone on this planet must have the right to live and to be as it pleases. And the international community must fight against all tyrants who deprive entire people or human beings of self-determination by their own will.

Everything must remain negotiable and nothing must be imposed between people and that should be done within the framework of non-negotiable human rights and the rights of people who must be worked with and protected more to ensure the inviolability of their universal character. The right of people to self-determination  that is enshrined in the UN Human Rights Chapter 1.  A principle which must be defended by all mankind which advances

Humanity has evolved a lot, it is up to the antihuman archaic governments to reform themselves in order to adapt to the demands of today’s people and not the other way round.

Hopefully, opinions such as this will increase among people.