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Pierre Bourdieu: Sociology is a fighting sport

The political and administrative organization of the Kabyle people is one of the most democratic and, at the same time, one of the simplest that can be imagined. Never, perhaps, has the system of self-government been put into practice in a more complete and more radical way; never has the administration had such a small number of civil servants and has resulted in less expenditure for its citizens. The ideal of free and cheap government, the formula of which our philosophers still seek through a thousand utopias, has been a reality for centuries in the Kabyle mountains. There, in fact, the people are everything and sufficient for everything; government, administration, justice, cost the community absolutely nothing. Aristide Letourneux, Adolphe Hanoteau

The definition of sociology according to Pierre Bourdieu; “Sociology is a fighting sport. We use it to defend ourselves, not to do bad things.”
Yet in the real facts of European ethno-sociologists, their knowledge is directed only to destroy the cultures of competitive peoples.
An example that Bourdieu must surely know is the French victory over the Kabyle people in 1857.
General sociologists,  Aristide Letourneux, Adolphe Hanoteau, have wondered why the Kabyle people have remained undefeated for millennia. So they started studying Kabyle society. They observed that what differentiates the Kabyle people from other peoples is their social organization where decisions concerning the community are democratically supported by everyone at the age of carrying a weapon. This is how they understood how to eliminate a people who despite Ottoman domination had an economy of self-sufficiency. By destroying its culture of freedom and equality by the Muslim religion. Thus the general ethnologists decided that all the Kabyle will be Islamized willingly or by coercion.

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  • Bourdieu considers Kabylia as the unconscious conservatory of the Mediterranean. And when Bourdieu speaks of the Mediterranean, he does not speak of the Middle East or the Arab Maghreb. He talks about the Mediterranean, Greece, Rome, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Southern Italy, Southern France, Spain

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