Italian MP Massimiliano SALINI: Kabylia is an occupied territory.

As the two largest countries in its southern neighbourhood struggle, Europe faces a heightened threat of instability and authoritarianism. Libya is highly unstable, torn apart by the civil war and is now under the strong influence of Turkey – a country that is heavily involved in the conflict. Algeria is facing civil unrest and discontent due to limits on freedom of expression and religion, something which Parliament addressed its resolution of 28 November 2019 on the situation of freedoms in Algeria.
The Algerian Government is increasing its grip and is conducting acts of suppression using emergency lockdown measures. This is particularly the case in the region of Kabylia, where there are a significant number of protests since, according to the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples’ Organisation, it is an ’occupied territory. The region is therefore seeking more autonomy, not to mention the fact that it is home to a large number of Christians, who suffer persecution. Algeria is improving its relations with Turkey, which provides support to the army so it can maintain order in the country. The socio-economic impact of the current crisis will only exacerbate the crises of these fragile economies, which depend heavily on oil.
Does the VP/HR plan to take any action in the Maghreb so that the repercussions of the above are not felt at the EU’s border, in particular in Algeria where the government is more functional.
Massimiliano SALINI
Member of the European Parliament.

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    By going through the resolution of the European Parliament of November 26, 2020, on serious and repeated violations of human rights in Algeria, any Kabyle, worthy of his name, will have to remain hungry for the long content (9 pages) of the resolution.

    Although the resolution is acerbic and devoid of any tongue in cheek or diplomatic language usual in such circumstances of international relations, it still hides certain truths that it does not dare to address, thus leaving a taste of unfinished business. , despite a remarkable and well-accomplished groundwork.

    Despite the overwhelming nature of the resolution which nonetheless called into question the foundations of the Algerian state from top to bottom, it is surprising to note the lack of reaction from the Algerian regime, apart from a timid reaction from the spokesman of the Algerian government. The Algerian government, in a terse statement, which evokes overruns (sic) of the European Parliament. Even more astonishing, a resolution of this magnitude has not even raised an ounce of debate in Algeria, blatant proof of the collapse of the state and the non-existence of the Algerian people.

    Some Hirak leaders were kind enough to respond to President Macron in support of Tebboune, but nothing against the European Parliament, which strokes the Hirak in the direction of the hair.

    As a fate, Algeria, State as people, paralyzed, accused the blow, found nothing to say, except the journalist-terrorist of Annaba, assured of his impunity, who kicked in touch by accusing Ferhat Mehenni to be behind this resolution in complicity with Morocco and Israel and to conclude with a call for his assassination.

    On the other hand, what will they say if Kabylia is mentioned in the resolution? Kabylia is the only one absent in this resolution!
    Fearing to raise the ire and the specter of a Europe of Peoples and Regions, the European Parliament has avoided the Kabyle question, by timidly referring two or three times to the word Berber, speaking only of vulgar denigration. towards the Berbers of Kabylia. Staggering !! And yet, 95% of the serious violations mentioned in the resolution are committed in Kabylia, against Kabylia and the Kabyle people.

    No reference to the rebellion in Kabylia, no reference to the Algerian Zero Kabyle state project. No reference to the savage repression against MAK activists and Kabyle separatists. No reference to MAK detainees. No reference to international arrest warrants against MAK activists. No reference to the dissent of Kabylia in the two polls of 12/12/2019 and of November 1, 2020. No reference to the Kabylian disaffected. No reference to the forest fires in Kabylia.

    By doing so, the European Parliament does not wish to settle the problem of Algeria against Kabylia. Rather, he wishes to settle his differences with Algeria at the expense of Kabylia. Things must be brewing between Algeria and the European Parliament, or Kabylia will be the turkey of the farce.

    Because of its anti-Kabyle policy, officially assumed, its desire to erase from planet earth all that is Kabyle, since independence confiscated from 1962 to this day, Algeria has just stolen the first place of the worst dictatorship in the history of mankind to North Korea. Algeria now becomes “North African al-Korea”. The new “North African Al-Korea” endangers the indigenous peoples of Tamazgha with extermination and perpetuates chronic instability in North Africa, the Mediterranean basin, Africa and Europe.

    The years go by and look the same, the resolutions of the UN, those of the European Parliament and other international organizations are raining down on Al-Korea in North Africa “constantly, all overwhelming one another, all committed exclusively against Kabylia and the Kabyle people, but no organization has the courage, dares to call a spade a spade and raise the source of the problem which is the eternal conflict between Kabylia and Algeria.

    The independence of Kabylia, a project led by MAK and Anavad, is the only solution to end chaos and tragedies that have lasted too long. Kabylia will never agree to live under the colonial Arab-Islamist Algerian yoke.

    The independence of Kabylia will solve both the problems of Kabylia and those of Arab-Islamist Algeria, which will finally be at peace with itself with its fetish ideology, and will restore, in fine, stability in North Africa, or even beyond.

    Meanwhile, Kabylia is fighting alone against the new Al-Korea of ​​North Africa. As Kabylia brought out France, she will also release the ogre of Al-Korea from North Africa “, no offense to all its organizations, which are rather unions of established countries, and to the corrupt traitors who want, at all costs, to perpetuate Arab-Islamist colonialism in Kabylia.

    Vgayet, Monday, December 7, 2020

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