So says the Kabyle woman

So says the Kabyle woman
“I decided to defend the independence project of Kabylia. This is my choice, and nobody can blame me for this since I am in my most ultimate right to think of the political organization of Kabylia, my Kabylia my homeland.
I carry this feeling of belonging to a people, to a land, to a homeland. A feeling which has been transmitted to me through the ages, a feeling with which I am soaked by the blood of all the Kabyles heroes and all those who suffered from belonging to the Kabyle people.
By joining MAK, I decided to bring my strength to the movement, this structure of activists who carries the independence project on their shoulders.
I am a part of the movement, thus all who attack the movement attack me personally. Each crisis of the movement is a crisis that I myself have suffered.”

Mira Moknache

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