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science says there is not a single drop of Arab blood in Andalusia

Our website is constantly making progress in demystifying the absurd history of Islam – a religion crafted by the Vatican in the ruins of Arianism to destroy the North African church. The highlight of the fable told by the Vatican and its propaganda committee are the invasions of North Africa and Spain by an Arab people, conjured in order to lend a great history to Islam. The science of genetics will be the bane of this story which has neither head nor tail, this false myth implanted by the force of repetition and corruption.

Science says that Andalusia is an Amazigh civilization!
Essentially Berbers from the western part of North Africa.

A genetic study published in the journal “Science” of March 15th categorically denies any Arab presence in Spain while emphasizing the presence of Berbers through some events of history.

The scientific study is a great shock in its scientific and academic weight, under the guidance of international experts, made up of 111 specialized experts led by senior staff at the Faculty of Medicine at Harvard University, in coordination with the Institute of Evolutionary Biology in Barcelona.

The genetic map of the population of the Iberian Peninsula has been analyzed over a period of 8000 years to date. The results confirm the absence of a genetic element of the Arabian Peninsula, even in a small part, which shows decisively that the Arabs have not set foot on the Iberian peninsula. This allows us to suggest that it is necessary to scrutinize completely the fables of some Arab historians concerning the Arab presence in Andalusia.

Additionally, the study records an important presence of Amazigh genes through certain historical periods including a light Amazigh presence between 2500 years BC to 1932 years BC.

There have been huge flows, exclusively Amazigh since the Roman era and have considerably reached their peak in the period of Muslim Andalusia ie the middle of the Islamic civilization until the 17th century.

The study denies any Arab presence in the Andalusian period. On the other hand, it does indicate a tiny presence of a Jewish population since the third century.

At a certain period in history, the  Moorish population was composed of a mixture of half local, half berber- 50% each of the two components.

Today, the percentage of the population of Berber origin is only 5% because of the wars of the Reconquista and the massive expulsion of Muslim and Jewish populations from Spain to the countries of North Africa (and other places considered to be their country of origin).

Source: science.sciencemag.org

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  • .All Arab and Jewish history … are only constructions of the Vatican Ariane church and the colonizers Creators of the East … become Orientalists.
    Judaism is the creation of the descendants of African Atlanteans. The patriarch vrahem (punic term), whose father is azar “punic term” are in Punic language that is passed for Hebrew which is a dogma and name a mother tongue as Islam ..
    Arabization has allowed the creation of the mother tongue after phagocyting indigenous languages ​​to which the writing was removed before the wars of the Middle Ages.
    you must know that the ARABIC language is anything but Arabic. Moreover, its Syriac grammar grammar is established by zwawa.
    It was the colonizers and a certain religious elite and the opportunists who helped usurp and phagocyte their language to make it an Arabic language. It is no coincidence that only Jews and the so-called Arabs are backed by dogmas for to exist as civilizational it does not exist. Remove their Judaism and Islam from neither Jew nor Arabic. A test done by the natives and not the Western falsifiers will bring out the truth. IN THIS TITLE, it is advisable to do an ant work far from the eyes of the exterminating nihilists of the natives.
    The Arabic and Jewish fable … occupy too much the space and spirit of the billions of citizens daily … it is not a coincidence. This is how we get in the head the
    lie by repetition.

    how was the Jewish people invented?

    Toute l’histoire arabe et juive ….ne sont que des constructions de l’église vaticane Ariane et des colonisateurs Créateurs de l’ORIENT..devenus des orientalistes.
    Le Judaïsme est création des descendants des atlantes n africains. Le patriarche vrahem “terme punic),dont le père est azar “terme punic”sont en langue punique que l’on fait passer pour de l’Hébreu qui lui est un dogme et nom une langue maternelle COMME l’islam..
    Dont l’arabisation a permis la création de la langue maternelle après avoir phagocyté les langues indigènes à qui on a retiré l’écriture avant les guerres du moyenâgeuse.
    il faut savoir que la langue ARABE est tout sauf de l’arabe.Dailleurs sa grammaire en graphie syriaque est établie par zwawa.
    Ce sont les colonisateurs et une certaine élite religieuse et les opportunistes qui ont aidé à usurper et phagocyter leur langue pour en faire Une langue arabe.Ce n’est pas un hasard si seuls les juifs et les dits arabes sont adossés à des dogmes pour les faire exister car civilisationnelle il n’existent pas. Retirer leur le judaïsme et l’islam point de juif ni d’arabe. Un test adn fait par les indigènes et non les falsificateurs occidentaux permettra de faire jaillir la vérité.A CE TITRE ,il convient de faire un travail de fourmi loin des yeux des nihilistes exterminateurs des indigènes.
    La fable arabe et juive….occupent trop l’espace et l’esprit des milliards de citoyens quotidiennement…ce n’est point un hasard. C’est ainsi que l’on fait entrer dans la tête le
    mensonge par la répétition.

    comment fut inventé le peuple juif?

  • https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5844529/
    The genetic heterogeneity of Arab populations as inferred from HLA genes

    This study supports the notion that Arabs are divided into four groups. The first consisting of North Africans (Algerians, Tunisians, Moroccans, and Libyans), Saudis, Kuwaitis, and Yemenis, with relatedness to Western Mediterraneans, including Iberians. The second includes Levantine Arabs (Palestinians, Jordanians, Lebanese, and Syrians), Iraqi, and Egyptians, who appear to be related to the Eastern Mediterranean and Iranians, who in turn belonged to ‘Great Levant’ historically described. The third consists of Sudanese and Comorians who associate with Sub-Saharan Africans. Finally, the fourth group of Arabs comprises Omanis, Emiratis, and Bahrainis. This group associates with heterogeneous populations (Mediterranean, Asian and sub-Saharan). Lastly, the two main indigenous minorities, Berbers and Kurds, are not genetically different from the ‘host’ and neighboring populations.

    • The conclusion of your conclusion is that the Arabic term does not designate a people, but a way of life of nomads without land or culture. It was only at the end of the Ottoman Empire that Europeans made this term a people as numerous as the Chinese people. Arabs are everywhere and nowhere at the same time. This is how the small community of illiterate Bedouin who lived on the outskirts of the Hijaz desert saw themselves endowed with religion and become the most culturally, philosophically, scientific, and genetically prolific population of humanity. Mankind’s biggest scam.

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