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The socio-political organization of the Kabyle people is not tribal!

The picture below shows us the Arabs of today

Are they really able to create anything … an enlightened civilization imposed to peoples much stronger, more educated, and more experienced in the art of war?

This article is the translation of a comment in a discussion about kabyles in the Wikipedia website

The subject of the discussion was the origin of the Kabyle word that Arab militants claim comes from the Arabic word and means tribe

The Wikipedia website is becoming more and more a website of pro-Arab propaganda. As soon as a subject deals with Amazigh people in general and especially the Kabyle people; they attribute it to the Orientals.
Before wanting to attribute everything to the Arabs, one should already know who they really are. We need to restore the credibility of Wikipedia !!
Far from the Western and Orientalist propaganda that is trying to produce an Arab people on the ashes of peoples that the West has conquered several times in post-medieval history.

The Kabyle name was established long before the invention of the so-called Arab people. The name Kabylie is mentioned for the first time by the historian Herodotus to designate the Cabales a Libyan people of Cyrenaica. For a reason that is totally unknown to us and long before the gestation of Islam, this name has disappeared from the history of North Africa. In the Middle Ages, no one mentions the Kabyle name, neither Leon the African nor Ibn Khaldun make use of this denomination. We must wait for the Europeans of the 18th century to see it resurrect in Cabalis, Cabile Cabyle and Kabyle.

The Kabyle name can not in any case come from the Arabic word which according to them means “a tribal people”, because the tribal system does not exist in Kabylie. Political and social unity is the village. The federation of several villages on a territory does not constitute a tribe in the sense understood by ethnologists. Instead, these federations refer to a territory.

The falsification and denaturing of the Kabyle political organization is the result of the Europeans who wanted to harmonize their terminology by applying to all the peoples they have conquered the same social organization, in spite of themselves. For them whether in Australia, Amazonia, Arabia, Africa or America, all that is not “white” is tribal because some ethnic groups claim this form of social organization. These ethnic groups are often non-sedentary and therefore can not refer to a territory to identify themselves. The nomad has no other references than the lineage, somehow a right of blood to belong to the group.

Since the Arabs are a tribal people, it is illogical for them to call out other people as tribes.

I have no prejudices about this or that form of political and social organization. But as far as Kabylia is concerned, I do not find any terms of this tribal organization. I speak of visible, concrete traces.

But if we want to pull everything by the hair, today we can call anything “tribe”.

We must mention this mania of this Wikipedia media that gives an Arabic version to everything related to North Africa. This version is often made by Islamist embudlers acting as veritable jihadists of the pen. Arab-Islamic militants denature while weakening the North African languages and thus emerging the so-called Arabic language like mother of all the languages. While in truth the language of the bedouins can not be of any use by itself because in fact every word that these islamic militants appropriate comes from other languages such as Persian, Hindu, Arameen, Berber. The desert of Arabia is not fertile ground for a wealth of a language. The so-called Arabic language exists only for the needs of a Koran. There is no written record of this language before the gestation of Islam. The Arabic language is an Esperanto of the Middle Ages


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  • Les arabes …
    personne n’a encore compris comment on les a fabriqué et dans quel but ?
    pourquoi seuls deux peuples (arabes ,juifs ) sont accolés aux religions ? ..qui connait leurs ancêtres et civilisations dont ils seraient issus?
    Ne croyez çà la supercherie de l’histoire écrite par l’occident qui cachent ses origines africaines à ses peuples dont les langues romanes et civilisations. On peut démontrer facilement les nombreuses impostures pour déconstruire l’histoire imparfaite cousue par l’église ensuite les états qui ont pris le relais. Un jour il faudra qu’imazighen fassent eux même des test adn sur les français ,allemands ,belges ,les dits arabes conquérants devenus des mutants instrument de l’occident grand satan qui rime bien avec le Vatican . L’occident christianisé par les nords africains civilisateurs a détruit le christianisme latin en retour pour un islam des musulmans dont les arabes ne sont que l’alibi créé pour se cacher derrière ses frasques ténébreuses qui n’a pour seul objectif, la domination et l’élimination de tout obstacle pour demeurer la seule puissance en méditerranée.

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