I am Kurdish

Barbaric Europe is funding and arms the Islamist Erdogan to commit genocide against the Kurds.

Say no to barbarism and support the Kurdish people
Because they stopped Daesh
Because they are a light in an ocean of obscurantism
Because they put a democratic and ecological project in place
Because they are our brothers fighting for a world of solidarity and equality
I support the Kurdish people.


  • Syria: Kurds no longer want to keep French jihadists from Daesh
      The biggest radio station in France, Europe1, informs us that Kurds “threaten” France to send French jihadists back to France
    “Kurds hold about 100 French jihadists, captured during the offensive against Daesh. They do not want to manage them anymore.

    In northern Syria, while the great battles against the Islamic State are over, hundreds of foreign jihadists are still in the hands of Kurdish forces whose governance has no legal existence (very French precision that does not recognize not the Kurdish people and the Berber peoples.) They are kept in camps or in prisons. French jihadists are about a hundred in this part of Syria. France does not want to repatriate them, but Kurdish officials no longer want to handle these foreign prisoners.
     At the microphone of Europe 1, the man explains that he begins to be impatient. “It can not last forever, we do not have enough space and they cost us dearly, their food, their care … We must take care of it,” he denounces. “And if we judge them, some of these foreigners will be sentenced to one year in prison.After this year in prison, I release them where? They are your citizens, they have French passports. We must assume,” cowardly he, arguing that “Russia has taken over almost all its prisoners, including those who fought”.

    Europe did not help us in Afrine, why would we continue to take care of your Daesh prisoners?

    “We can release all these Daesh members”. Other local executives go further. Mizkeen Ahmad, an influential political advisor in the Kurdish administration, has been angry at the coalition since Turkey’s capture of the Kurdish city of Afrine. For her, it is a betrayal that must have a consequence. “Europe has not helped us in Afrine, why we would continue to take care of your prisoners of Daesh, we have captured thousands and no one has supported us. 1. We can release all these Daesh members, we will release them outside our borders … in which countries they will go, and where they will make an attack … No matter, we must make this decision “, threatens Mizkeen Ahmad.

    For now, it’s just a threat, but it’s clear. “Westerners are defending their interests here,” she says. “Let them never forget that we have ours too.”

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