Genocide of the kurds: Where are you humanists of the world?

By Yasmina Oubouzar, formerly vice-president of the movement for the self-determination of the Kabyle people.

On Saturday 24th, Kurds and their friends took to the streets of Paris to say NO to the Islamist fascism of dictator Erdogan, NO to the cynicism of Europe, the US, Russia, and all those states that play Russian roulette with life, security and the freedom of millions of people.

Faced with the indifference of a world lobotomized by this individualism which is so cleverly cultivated.

Know this, good people, that the war that is being fought against Kurds by fascist Turkey and its jihadist allies is a civilizational war … It is an ethnic, cultural, linguistic and identity war aimed at erasing from the face of the earth any civilization not subservient to the world sect of Islamism.

Know that their ambitions are far from being limited to the eradication of the sacrificed people, such as Kurds or Berbers.

On behalf of all the Kabyle and Amazigh people who recognize themselves in this struggle of life and death against Islamism, we have witnessed our total and unconditional support for the Kurdish people and their heroic struggle against one of the greatest scourges that are currently threatening peace in the world.

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