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So, who am I?

I will give an example of narcissism, even if the word is very weak and inappropriate to describe the situation. My example will be shaped like a charade

– I believe that my language is sacred, it is even the only language that will be spoken in paradise

– I believe that my sacred book is pure, unaltered, protected from lies and additions, whereas those of others have been corrupted, tampered with, falsified and unworthy of respect

– I invaded many countries and each time I impose their beliefs on their people because they are the only ones to reflect the absolute truth. If these people came to discuss the merits of my approach (invasion and forced conversion), I would tell them that my legitimacy I have from heaven, if they do not believe me then beware of them

I forbid all forms of proselytism, free thought, freedom of worship or conscience, religious pluralism: a single religion for the whole world. But when I find myself in another’s home, I demand full rights for my beliefs, I will ask for special treatment for individuals who share my faith

– at home I forbid, or I drastically restrict, places of worship other than those destined for my religion. I forbid even access to the holy places of my religion (which is necessarily the TRUE religion) to unbelievers and infidels, this is what we call those who do not adhere to our faith. Besides, they are given torment and terrible chastisement, when we have the power we apply them and when we are not strong enough we play tartufes

– I allow myself to criticize in a virulent way the beliefs of others by qualifying them as ignoble, abominable. I allow myself to denigrate the gods of others by calling them false gods, I even allow myself to say that one of them was only a Muslim prophet (whereas at the time he was supposed to have existed Islam was nonexistent) who was deified and that on the day of the great judgment this prophet will deny those who worshiped him as a god. You see it yourself, I have only scorn and disdain for the faith of others, on the other hand when criticizing my prophet or his book, I am ready to provoke the flood to punish the infamous blasphemers: attacks, fires of embassies, calls for holy war, calls for boycott, all energies must be mobilized to wash the affront

– my solidarity, my compassion, my fraternity my love for the human race are quite selective. When one of my co-religionists is in conflict with a believer (or atheist, agnostic, raelian) of another religion, I systematically side with my brother in religion, I am completely indifferent to the fact that infidels are massacred in huge numbers, however, I will not accept that a drop of blood of a coreligionary is paid. In any case, my religion orders me to kill people who refuse to convert, so with every faith that an unfaithful dies it brings satisfaction for my god.
I’m not going to stretch this charade to infinity, so who am I?

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