The amazighs turkeys stuffed with Islam

Such a bivouac in the islam fable has become a city with dozens of tribes who live among themselves and fight each other in fortresses protected by dykes, of which only ten days was enough for these ignorant (or super genius?) bedouins to dig them.

The orientalist Georges Marcais, “specialist” of Islam wrote: The Islamization of North Africa raises a historical problem that we have no hope of solving … ”
But in fact. We must see how the Amazigh victims defend the fable that has multiplied by 1000000 the number of Beduins of Arabia mounted on fantastic horses attacking half of the universe. We must see how they tell in great details the fantastic rides of Okba colliding with the beautiful Kahina who had at the end betrayed her people by giving herself to an irresistible Arab. They give the impression of having solved the riddle as if they had themselves participated in the battles they describe.

If for  Georges Marçais, the French whose nation has won everything with Islam, the “detail” of the problem posed by the Islamization of Numidia is good to jump over I do not understand why the amazighs turkeys stuffed with Islam do not see this problem as a major fact and will not seek to understand what really happened at the period between the 7th and the 10th century. Centuries whose history is voluntarily and systematically destroyed to be replaced by fantastic tales.

Alexandria, an ancient city which was the strong base of Christian Arian doctrine , sheltered in the 7th century a population of more than 500 000 inhabitants of which more than 200 000 warriors were ready to defeat the greatest powers of the century. The history tells us that this city was attacked and defeated by two or three malnurished and ignorant cats whom crawled out of the black hole of the Hijaz.



  • Manufacturers of the Arab people have also extended to the North African mutants a stick to beat the Kabyle people. They claim that we are not a reality but construction to divide the Arab people. Here is my comment in a blog of one of these mutants: If there are a mythical people it is the so-called Arab “people”, which is a product 100% European has in a machiavelic plan to destroy the authentic North African peoples, whose manufactured Arabs are obviously not part of them. Everything in this so-called Arab people is a machination that originated in a Spanish monk of the 9th century named Alvaro of Cordoba. Since the Europeans, Vatican and francs, have only refined their lie of Arab people living in the desert of Hijaz and had an idea, the only one, which they transmitted by the sword to half of humanity. This is the image that is repeated to the point that even the victims have become the first defenders of the shabby myth of the Arab people.

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