Political collaboration between Kabylia, Canary Islands and Catalonia

a working meeting of the NSEC (Nations Without States), was held on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 in Paris.
The Kabyle delegation, Anavad represented by its President Mas Ferhat Mehenni, accompanied respectively by Mas Shamy Chemini Abranis Minister of Culture and Mas Sab At Maksen advised of the Presidency, concerning the other delegations, representative of the NSEC which is part of the MAK and Anavad, Mr. Thomas Kintana of the Canary Islands, and Mr. Daniel Lucas, representative of Catalonia.
serenely and with conviviality, the meeting is part of a political framework by making an inventory of the struggles of each people in the process of independence.
The current situation requires each of us to reflect deeply on a roadmap that will be lead in unison, including a permanent representation of NSEC members at the UN.At the end of this meeting, it is necessary to recall the absolute importance of a consultation of each of the countries aspiring to its independence to affirm in high instance a popular and especially political desire for self-determination

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