Algeria is a republic with an Islamic vocation.

Only Islam will reign

Algeria is a republic with an Islamic vocation. It is an Islamic republic in its facts and in its slogans. The state ensures that the main features and main axes of the republic remain Islamic. The accessory is left to the relations in social forces, with a small manifest privilege for what can strengthen Islam of the republic.
All the helmsmen shouted “port all!” by tacking “starboard all!”
When Algerians became more Islamist than the republic itself, panic rises in the officers’ square. We still wonder if we should’nt have put a real Islamist at the helm. It should have been someone who is recognized as Islamist by the people, but democratic by the foreign partners.

The Kabylians are not the only ones who are oppose to the regime (The Kabylians is particular: instead of sticking to what they like in themselves, they want to change what they do not like in others). Others also oppose it, for totally other reasons, and with even greater success. The Arab-Islamic people who almost unanimously expressed themselves in 1990-91 and delegated their elites to defend their divine rights. Do not believe that the GIA,HAMAS, MSP, AIS, GSPC, IFAD, MEI, MIA and so on are only there to amuse the Islamophiles of the international socialist! They are there to push the regime to more Islamism. Always more Islamism. And it works wonderfully well to the great satisfaction of the people! The people are not yet satisfied because the republic lacks the Islamic entirety and the anti-Western discourse. But it will come, inchallah!

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