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Iness Mezel: Best Singer of Africa Music Awards 1998

Both African (Kabyle father) and European (Italian mother), Iness reveals to us, thanks to the richness of her voice charged with emotions, the secrets of an African Kabyle, urban, with the strong impressions Afro jazz.
Freed from her traditions, she embodies a state of mind and style, resolutely modern and open to the world. After classical music studies alongside: Nicole Maison, for baroque lyric singing – Sara Lazarus, for jazz improvisation – Elik Tara for African singing, and Tamia for contemporary singing, Iness Mezel directs her compositional work towards The opening of the harmonic space (the pentatonic scale is often used in traditional Kabyle music), opts for a poly rhythmic conception of the arrangements, and engages the Kabyle music towards new horizons. September 5, 1998 was a real triumph for INESS MEZEL: the presentation of the “Koras All Africa Music Awards” (Jury Presidents 1998: Angélique Kidjo and Ray Lema), broadcast on television, live from Johannesburg and watched by more than 350 million viewers, consecrate her as: – Best Singer of Africa – Best North African Artist

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