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LULEA, SWEDEN (SIWEL) – ConIFA @CONIFAOfficial has officially announced this Tuesday evening, on June 18th, 2019, the partial list of national teams who have recieved their ticket for the final phase of the next football World Cup which will be organized by Somaliland in 2020. Kabylia is one of eight (8) nations already qualified out of a total of 16 teams that will be qualified among the 56 members of ConIFA representing the 6 continents. The Kabyle national football team will participate for the second time in a row at the fourth edition of an international sports competition organized by the Confederation of Independent Football Associations (ConIFA), which is the alternative of FIFA for the stateless nations in the world.

The African zones: The 5 qualified teams which are all already known:

– Kabylia

– Western Sahara, by special invitation (Wild Card) following a unanimous vote of the Executive Committee of ConIFA

– Darfur

– Matabeleland

Somaliland, the country which organizes the event, is qualified ex officio.

The European zone: Only 2/5 qualified teams are already known:

– Karpatalya, the Hungarians of Ukraine, automatically qualified with their title of world champions ConIFA 2018

– South Ossetia, qualified ex officio with its title of European Champion ConIFA 2019 in Abkhazia

The remaining three (3) teams will be announced at the beginning of October 2019.

The South American Zone: The only qualified team already known are:

– Mapuches qualified as the only South American member team of ConIFA

The Asian zone: The three (3) qualified teams will be announced at the beginning of October 2019.

The North American and Oceanian Zone: It will not be until October 2019 that the teams from these two (2) zones will be announced. There will be 2 teams from these zones, one from North America and one from Oceania.

To follow the news of the national Kabyle team use the hashtag #ENKabyle which will not fail to be responsible for including a new recruitment campaign all over the place, visit his site, his page and official account on social networks:

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  • 70 nations knocking on the door of the UN to be reinstated in their right to manage themselves. They receive a no from the masters of this institution supposedly established to promote peace and fraternity among peoples. It must be said that this institution is dominated by the people who have always been the misfortune of humanity: France and England now headed by the USA

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