Discussion between an Algerian and a Kabyle

Discussion between an Algerian and a Kabyle

Algerian: We must kill Ferhat Mehenni and his supporters of the MAK (movement for the self-determination of the Kabyle people) without exception.

Kabyle: But why?

Algerian: They are criminals, terrorists!

Kabyle: Ferhat Mehenni and MAK have not killed anyone yet.

Algerian: He is a traitor, they are traitors!

The Kabyle: They betrayed who?

Algerian: They betrayed Algeria and the Algerians.

The Kabyle: Algeria which is officially arab and its people that supports the Arabism of Algeria?

Algerian: We are Muslims and they are the brothers of the Jews.

The Kabyle: If they are the brothers of the Jews, it means that they have the right to protect themselves from you because you want to exterminate the Jews. Most of the Kabyles are secular, there are all religions and atheists.

Algerian: National unity is a red line.

The Kabyle: What unity are you talking about when you say that the Kabylians are Jews and that you want to kill the Jews?

Algerian: Kabylia is Algeria

Kabyle: And Algeria is Kabylia.

Algerian: How? You want to take from us all Algeria?

The Kabyle: So finally you just want to take our land of Kabylia, Arabize and the problem is settled for you.

Algerian: Why do you hate Arabs so much?

Kabyle: To the point of refusing to become Arabic?

Algerian: To the point of wanting to take the power in Algeria and to throw us out of here.

Kabyle: Who said that?

Algerian: Ferhat Mehenni and the MAK

The Kabyle: Ferhat Mehenni has never said that, precisely he wants an independent Kabylia and live each side in good neighborhood, without eternal conflict between two peoples who have two different visions of the world and life.

Algerian: So you too are MAK? You are a terrorist!

Kabyle: Oh good! and yet I am neutral, I am just trying to explain to you that everyone has the right to defend their opinions freely and peacefully, as the MAK does.

Algerian: For Allah, you’re all going to pay for this, you’re all going to die! Dirty Jews, dirty Zouaves!

Kabyle: Who’s the terrorists now?

Imaginary discussion that reflects the quality of the discussions between Kabylians and Algerians on social networks. Yes, often these debates are full of vulgarities and insults, something we have avoided out of respect for our readers.

By Arraw n Tlelli

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