Algeria: Declaration of a spokesman for the Kabyle people

After 20 years of reign marked by so many crimes, especially the murder of 127 young Kabyle in 2001, Bouteflika was dismissed by the Algerian army after several weeks of popular protests. The Algerian army, which holds power in Algeria, has decided to get rid of a sick old man, become cumbersome. Even if nobody is fooled by Bouteflika’s “resignation”, one can only rejoice at the humiliation of his political downfall.The Kabylie who has faced this tyran alone in the height of his power observes with satisfaction the decay of an executioner who has shown only racism and contempt, carrying in his hatred of the Kabyle people the lives of 127 of our young thirsty for justice and freedom. This crime will never be forgiven, neither to Bouteflika, nor to his servants and minions, like Zerhouni, Ben Flis or Ouyehia, nor to the Algerian gendarmerie who has put so much heart to slaughter our youth with explosive bullets.Today, it is through the little door that Bouteflika, the supreme leader of this massacre, is forced to leave history. The Kabyle people, whom he tried to humiliate and crush under his boot, will remain forever this giant people he claimed to “deflate the balloon”. Behold, it is he who sinks into the dustbin of history while the Kabyle people remain this free and proud people who refuse to bend. However, the end of this infamous dictator must not hide certain truths that must imperatively be remembered if we want to apprehend the future and build it in the interest of the peoples that make up Algeria. Here are a few :

– The Algerian system, which can not be reduced to the person of Bouteflika, is based on the racist, sexist and assimilationist ideology of Arab-Islamism whose mode of governance is based on social repression, the spoliation of public goods and large-scale corruption.

– Since the constitution of the criminal gang that is the Oudjda clan, the military institution has never stopped setting up and maintaining at the head of the Algerian state dictators of sad memory, including the execrable Boumediene.

– Bouteflika, which everyone decries now, was installed in the Algerian presidency by the military institution through the “last fraud of the century” organized, as a reminder, by Liamine Zeroual, himself installed at the head of the State by this same institution.

– Major General Gaid Salah, whom some “political” circles are trying to portray as the savior, has no fame to draw from this “resignation”. He has only sacrificed the window now cracked system to better spare the heart of the system, that is to say, himself and his acolytes. It should be remembered that Gaid Salah was the arm who attended the 4 mandates of the dictator Bouteflika in his dirty work. He supported the fifth term until the gigantic popular mobilization forced him to sacrifice his friend and ally, Bouteflika.

– Military and politicians who have applied, legitimized, sanctioned the Bouteflikism for 20 years can not pretend to change the system, they are the system.

– And finally, this system that we all want to release, we should first identify because it does not date from access to the power of Bouteflika but from 1962, embezzlement and the spoliation of Algerian independence and the ruthless war waged by the famous Oujda clan against Kabylia. At the end of 7 years of struggle against the French army, it is only that the valiant Kabylie fight the coup d’état of the army of the borders, the dictatorship of Ben Bella who after “Our ancestors the Gauls” of French colonialism , wanted to impose on us “Our ancestors the Arabs” of Arab-Islamic ideological imperialism.The popular mobilization that has been confirmed this Friday to refuse all forms of clan alternation and demand the departure of the system is encouraging, but it is imperative to define what the system. Kabylia, which is once again at the origin of this protest movement with the protests of Kherrata and many are trying to escape the trap, must learn from its history so that any possible change is not made to its detriment. In this sensitive phase, which can not be without effect or consequence on Kabylia, all our political, cultural, associative and civic structures are bound to agree on a political, social and cultural compromise, a minimum which would guarantee the respect of political identities while preserving the interests of Kabylia; it has always struggled and paid a high price for its ideals of freedom, justice and equity, and is justified in remaining vigilant in order to best protect its interests in order to face all possible scenarios.

I appeal to all the forces of Kabylia: Let us be attentive and caring but remain vigilant and protect our children, our history, our culture and our civilization.

Kabylia, April 05, 2019
Bouaziz Ait Chebib

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